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How To Solve Yellow Tint Display Issue On Your OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro was launched worldwide in April earlier this year. While the phone was arguably the best piece of hardware from the brand yet, there have been some software issues since the beginning.

The most prominent issue at the launch of the phone itself was the ‘Magical Camera‘ present on the device. The phone has a 5-Megapixel color filter camera which at the launch could see through clothes and plastics. This happened in the Photochrom mode of the camera. But OnePlus was quick to address the issue by a software update and making some tweaks in the software even before the beginning of the sale of the device in some countries.

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Moreover, after the OxygenOS 11 update bringing the Android 11 experience to the smartphone further added a few additional software issues for the users.

Amongst the prominent issues being the appearance of a yellow tint on the screen usually only while using the Google Chrome browser. For people unfamiliar with the issue, OnePlus 8 Pro displays after the OxygenOS 11 update have started getting a yellow shade on their displays automatically while using Chrome. Despite a couple of software updates from the company, the display still persists.

But if you use an OnePlus 8 Pro device and are experiencing this problem then there is a simple solution to get rid of the yellow tint on your display while browsing on Google Chrome.

Yellow Tint Sample

Follow these simple steps to solve the yellow tint issue on your OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone:

  • Open a new tab on Google Chrome.
  • In the address bar, just type “chrome://flags“.
  • Now search for ‘dynamic-color-gamut’ in the search bar on the top.
  • Click the #dynamic-color-gamut.
  • Now disable the option and restart the browser as the pop-up also asks you to do so.

Now the yellow tint on the screen will be gone and users can easily browse through Google Chrome without any issue of changing color of the screen while scrolling.

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