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OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Clothes and Plastics

Last month, OnePlus 8 launched, OnePlus 8 Pro, the one the most-anticipated smartphone globally and later the company revealed the price of the smartphone in India. Now, the company also revealed the sale date along with launch offers.

Again the smartphone is in news because of its one camera feature and social networks have been filled with images over the last few hours that demonstrate how this camera can see through some items, like clothes and some fine plastic.

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a camera sensor which produces an inverted colour effect with a special colour filter. It can also see through infrared transparent materials. The 5MP colour filter camera with the Photochrom mode in the OnePlus camera app at the back of the smartphone is able to do this.

The sensor is specifically intended for landscape and greenery images and gives shots a special character without having to go through a software filter.

OnePlus 8 Pro Photocrom Camera Sample

It also appears that this sensor makes it possible to see through infrared transparent materials as already seen by infrared sensors on cameras and camcorders.

OnePlus 8 Pro Photocrom Camera Effect

The camera is also capable of “reading” through some forms of clothing, and to some degree, it is possible to take a look at what’s under the clothes.

It allows us to take amusing images and see inputs from certain devices such as joysticks or remote controls, such as when transmitted to X-rays.

So, here are the questions which will be definitely on your mind after reading this post.

How OnePlus 8 Pro ‘Photocrom’ Camera Works?

So, the potential explanation for this could be OnePlus 8 Pro Camera’s sensitivity to Infrared lights. We can not see Infrared rays from naked eyes but the regular mobile camera can. Try viewing the top of the TV / Set-top box remote from the camera to check this with your smartphone. Just push any button on remote and you’ll see reddish-pink light from your remote IR bulb.

Can OnePlus 8 Pro ‘Photocrom’ Camera See Through Cloths?

Well, not really but we think there have to be certain types of fabrics that it can see through. We found a report that claims that it can capture the text from a paper that is placed behind the t-shirt.OnePlus 8 Pro Photocrom Camera Sample

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