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PaidFreeDroid Provides You The Best Technology Stuff Including News, Reviews, Tutorials, Buying Guides, Free Giveaways And Lot More To Explore.

PaidFreeDroid was founded in January 2013 by Shubham Mishra. It went live on 26th January 2013 and since then we have grown strong.

As of December 2013, PaidFreeDroid.com serves over 340k page views. PaidFreeDroid has grown fast and some of the leading brands like OnePlus, Panasonic, Doogee, Samsung and other news publications have also recognized our work.

Our History:PaidFreeDroid in 2014

At PaidFreeDroid, we have a vision of the tech world ever since 2013. We have been one of the most influential voices in technology coverage from our modest beginnings as a small website which used to provide only apps and games for download. Our dedication makes us the tool for tech lovers from all over the world. But the website didn’t always look the same as it seems now. To go down the memory lane, please click here and see how the website has changed over the years.

Technology Simplified:

As our title shows ‘PaidFreeDroid – Technology Simplified’, it is clear we at PaidFreeDroid deliver the technology in the simplest manner so that everyone can understand it easily. We are trying to update our readers with the latest technology and help them understand and solve day to day problem related to technology.

About Shubham Mishra – Founder of ‘PaidFreeDroid’:

Shubham Mishra With Abhishek Telang
Shubham Mishra With Abhishek Telang (Tech Guru)

‘PaidFreeDroid’ is owned by Shubham Mishra, a 23-year-old boy who is a Computer Science Engineer and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Oil & Gas. Shubham is very passionate about Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Before starting ‘PaidFreedroid’, Shubham has designed one other site ‘Alltricks’ which was focused on providing the latest tips, tricks and downloading stuff. It was a good success. He closed it soon due to policy issues. But, that gave him an immense amount of confidence and a start to make another website which can help people.

He started ‘PaidFreeDroid’ on 26th January 2013 (Republic Day) and from then he came a long way, it is an established Tech Portal in India now. Many readers including his friends and family members admired a lot about this website. This gives great satisfaction as he always tries to help people and always give them genuine suggestions and recommendations.

Now, he is a full-time Professional Blogger along with his studies. He spends most of his time with the latest technology, reading and learning more about it.

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Our Team:

Anubhav TyagiAnubhav Tyagi

A normal guy who loves technology and spends the majority of his time playing games.

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A Wannabe Computer Science Engineer, Tech-savvy individual and a Sports Geek.

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Prashant ShuklaPrashant Shukla

Prashant is a technology lover with a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology. He is a fun loving guy, passionate about Technology. He loves music, biking & travelling.

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Rahul PatelRahul Patel

Passionate techie. Professional tech writer. Proud geek.

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Himanshu MishraHimanshu Mishra

Himanshu is a tech enthusiast. He likes to explore the day to day technology, mainly smartphone and software. He also has a keen interest in Cricket and Football.

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