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LG Rollable Laptop In The Works: All You Need To Know

LG seems to be in the works of making a rollable laptop. If released it would be one of its kind and something never seen before. LG had previously launched a rollable TV earlier this year. Just last week Oppo unveiled a concept phone that it plans to launch next year that will be having a rollable screen. LG is also working on a rollable phone according to reports, but there is no clarity regarding it so far.

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The reports of this tech come after drawings of LG showing a rollable laptop surfaced online. The images show how the screen will be rolling and various technical aspects of how the technology will be working. The screen can be unrolled to any length between 13.3-inch to 17-inch display size.

LG Rollable Laptop Patent 1

Not just the display panel, even the keyboard, and touchpad of the laptop can be folded making the laptop even more compact as it will consume further less space. The display houses in a large drum which can stand on its own and has to be attached to the keyboard to use it.

LG Rollable Laptop Patent 2

It isn’t clear yet if LG has a working prototype ready yet or not. But an official word from the company can be expected in the coming days. This being just a patent, saying anything definitive regarding the actual product may be very premature as often companies make several changes in the product between the submission of the patent and the final launch of the device.

LG has already implemented the technology in the rolling OLED TV that it launched earlier this year raising the expectations for the laptop making use of the rolling screen. Despite the astronomical price of the rolling TV, the TV gained several plaudits and appreciation from many because of the fascinating technology it incorporates.

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