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LG Might Launch Rollable OLED Display Smartphone In 2021

Everything You Need To Know

Foldable smartphones have gained immense hype in the past few years. Every major smartphone manufacturer has now showcased its variant of foldable phones. A few companies like Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, LG, and Huawei have already either launched or announced their first and second-generation foldable smartphones.

As you might know, despite the rapid developments in the foldable display technology, foldable smartphones haven’t become mainstream yet. That said, LG might soon come up with a rollable OLED display smartphone. This smartphone can be a major upgrade to the decade-old body language of smartphones and it will finally allow users to customize the form-factor of their mobile computing devices as per their preference.

According to a trustworthy report from Korea, the rollable display smartphone that LG is working on might be codenamed as ‘Project B’. So here’s everything you need to know about the Rollable OLED Display smartphone from LG that is still in the prototype stage.

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LG Rollable OLED Display Smartphone ‘Project B’: Expected Features

As mentioned above, the rollable display smartphone from LG is still in the prototype stage. Consequently, it can take a year or two for this smartphone to reach the production stage. Initially, the report sounded a bit sketchy but soon after LG filed a patent for such a device the report gained concrete confirmation.

LG Rollable Display Smartphone Prototype

The name says it all, in a rollable display smartphone the display rolls in and out to enlarge or shrink the screen size. In order to bring this futuristic technology to reality, minimal hardware will be used inside the display panel. A majority of usual smartphone hardware like SoC, battery, camera modules, and physical buttons will be accommodated in the bottom part of the smartphone.

LG won’t compromise on the display quality of this device and it will sport an OLED panel. Additionally, this device will pack the flagship internals to attract consumers.


As you might or might not know, rollable technology is not new for LG. The consumer electronics company showcased a TV with a rollable panel at CES.

It is worth noting that this entire article is based on a reliable report. However, there are slight chances that LG might not come up with any such technology.

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