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WhatsApp: What Will Happen If You Do Not Accept Its New Updated Privacy Policy After May 15?

WhatsApp has confirmed how it will handle accounts of users who refuse to accept the company’s new privacy policy even after May 15. The details were published on the company’s official site.

If you don’t want to accept the company’s new privacy policy, the app will continue to display a message requesting you to do so. The users can see a persistent reminder after a period of several weeks.

The WhatsApp app will go into a limited functionality mode once users see a persistent reminder.

In Limited functionality mode:

  • Users will not be able to see their chat history (chat list) in this mode.
  • They will be able to open as well as reply to chats received via their notifications only.
  • Users can also receive incoming audio and video calls.
  • After a few weeks, the user can no longer receive calls or messages.

WhatsApp doesn’t provide a specific date for each of these occurrences, instead provided an unclear time frame for each state that seems to differ depending on the individual users. Also, it’s unclear what significance the May 15 deadline has any longer, other than the fact that users will be able to accept the policy and continue using their app after that date.

WhatsApp New Updated Privacy Policy What Will Happen

WhatsApp has confirmed that users’ accounts will not be deleted. If you don’t accept the new privacy policy, however, the software will become nearly useless after a few weeks.

WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy policy were revised earlier this year. Almost all of the updates in this update were focused on engaging with companies on WhatsApp. The first announcement in the app announcing these changes was a little ambiguous, which prompted the internet to collectively lose its mind due to its lack of reading comprehension and patience to read anything longer than a tweet.

Since then, the company has spent a significant amount of time educating users about the new privacy policy implications. It also pushed back the May 15 deadline, when the app was expected to be disabled for those who refused to accept the new policy and terms. Even if the changes don’t directly affect you, the Facebook-owned company will ultimately stop you from using the app.

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