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Loss of Tencent After PUBG Mobile Ban in India

After the tensions between India and China over the Galwan Valley incident, PUBG Mobile was banned in India in the middle of 2020. The Government of India cited security risks regarding Chinese apps and, under the Information Technology Act, has since banned more than 200 apps, including PUBG Mobile.

For PUBG Mobile players and the gaming community at large, the ban was a huge blow, and more than that, it was a larger blow to the PUBG Corporation.

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Earlier, there was actually no estimation about how much of these losses were for PUBG Corporation and the likes of Tencent, but new developments have shed some light on the extent of the losses that followed the ban, according to reports.

Tencent lost $34 billion in just two days following the ban, according to a report in Inside Sport. After losing $66 billion when Donald Trump banned WeChat in the US, this was the 2nd biggest dip Tencent has faced. Also, Tencent’s online gaming services have been withdrawn from the Huawei app store, after the two parties struggled to reach a revenue share agreement.

PUBG Corporation also removed Tencent as a subsidiary to be able to make a comeback in India, resulting in further losses for Tencent.

As PUBG Mobile India, PUBG Mobile is currently attempting to make a comeback in India and has been trying to get things in order. Even after this, there is no confirmation from the Government of India. PUBG Mobile India is now a registered Indian company, but the game can not be launched here unless permission is granted by MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology).

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