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It’s been a few days since PUBG Mobile’s official return to India was confirmed in a new avatar named PUBG Mobile India, time for PUBG fans was still standing. There is a distinct feeling of curiosity about when the game is going to return to PUBG fans’ smartphones in India.

Without their favourite battle royale game, it has been a torrid period over the last few months since the Government of India banned the game as part of a ban on China mobile apps. PUBG Corporation claims that PUBG Mobile India was designed specifically for the Indian market, with the top priority being data privacy and privacy of Indian gamers.

Perhaps better illustrated by the numbers that the game had clocked before the ban was enforced, is the success of PUBG. Before being pulled away from the lives of gamers in India, PUBG Mobile was extremely successful in India.

In fact, about 25% of all PUBG’s global gamer base came from India, with online analytics company SensorTower reporting in numbers over the summer that PUBG already has more than 175 million game installations in India, just before the ban was announced in September.

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There seems to be an awareness that localization is important for PUBG Mobile India as an ingredient, and hence the developers’ insistence that all data for gamers will be safely stored and that storage systems will be regularly audited and checked for security. KRAFTON, the parent company of PUBG Corporation, will also invest $100 million in India to support video games, esports, and the entertainment and IT sectors.

When will PUBG Mobile India release?

Depending on what sources you reach on the web, there are a number of possible dates floating around. However, any official date has not yet been announced by PUBG Corporation or its Indian subsidiary. It only says “coming soon” for the release date of PUBG Mobile India, but with today’s latest “countdown starts” update, the game is expected to be released very soon.

Why the game name is PUBG Mobile India?

For Indian gamers, PUBG Corporation says PUBG Mobile India has been explicitly modified. For Indian gamers, different aspects of the game will be customised, such as the game now set in a virtual simulation training ground, new characters starting automatically dressed, and green hit effects to reflect the game’s virtual existence. More significantly, the company will include a feature that limits the game time in an official statement to encourage healthier gaming habits for younger players. PUBG Corporation says that the storage systems where the data of Indian users will be stored, including personally identifiable information, will be audited and checked periodically.

Why Indian Government Banned PUBG Mobile?

It September 2020, PUBG Mobile in India was banned as part of the government’s third ban on Chinese mobile apps. Yet another 118 Chinese apps were banned in India. Earlier, on June 29, the Government of India banned 59 apps and followed it up almost a month later with a second ban by banning 47 more apps that cloned the previously banned apps in India. The ban was carried out by deriving powers under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, read in accordance with the related provisions of the 2009 Rules on Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking Access of Information by Public), citing concerns about the security, integrity and defence of India.

Was it possible for gamers to play PUBG Mobile after the ban was imposed?

Yes after the game was banned, existing players were able to play the game till October 30 after servers access were banned. Also, the guidelines explicitly state that it is illegal and unlawful in India to download or update the game through unauthorised methods or attempt to access the online content by bypassing restrictions.

Does PUBG Corporation have permission from Indian Government for PUBG Mobile India and its Indian entity?

As of now, no official confirmation has been given by the company as to whether it has the appropriate regulatory authorisations from the authorities in order to launch PUBG Mobile India. With gears now in motion for the release of PUBG Mobile India, it would be anticipated that the permits would be a matter of time if it hasn’t already. 

What about the audits of the data that the corporation mentions?

PUBG Corporation and KRAFTON have been collaborating with Microsoft to host PUBG Mobile game data using Microsoft Azure cloud services. It was in October 2017 that PUBG moved from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure for the Xbox version of the game, and all mobile, PC, and console versions of the game are now expected to use Azure.

What about my data if I’ve been playing PUBG already?

It is now confirmed that for PUBG Mobile India, the existing gamer IDs that you used for PUBG Mobile before it was banned will be carried forward. This ensures, when you start playing PUBG Mobile India, you don’t need to build a separate ID and you can carry forward all the progress, achievements, rewards, skins, and much more. PUBG Corporation says that the storage systems where the data of Indian users will be stored, including personally identifiable information, will be audited and checked periodically.

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