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How Battlegrounds Mobile India Differs From PUBG Mobile: 5 Big Changes In The Game

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available to people who signed up for early access. Yes, you can now play the game in India if you are a beta tester. The release date of the game is still unknown, but people can play the game as a beta tester.

Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with some changes that set it apart from the PUBG mobile which was banned in India last year. Users while playing the game will notice these 5 major changes that we will be discussing in this article.

Kills Are Now Finishes

‘Kills’ are now reclassified or renamed as ‘finishes.’ This is done to make the game look not so violent. Many people consider the word ‘kills’ an aggressive or violent behaviour, therefore, the game has now replaced ‘kills’ with ‘finishes’ in the Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is being launched specifically for India.Kill Finishes BGMI

Gameplay Management System

People find this game too immersive and it has been seen with PUBG mobile previously that people lost track of time and played the games for hours. To avoid this, Battlegrounds Mobile India will show a window every time you run the game.

The window will tell you to play in the correct position, check your surroundings, and don’t get too immersed in the game. However, the prompted window calls Battleground Mobile India PUBG India.BGMI Gameplay Management Plan

Server Selection

Players will get the freedom to choose the server they want to play in. However this feature was available in PUBG mobile as well, but it was restricted last year during November. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India brings server selection back and users can select which servers to play in.Server Change INDIA BGMI

Audio Prompt

The Battlegrounds Mobile India will send you a reminder that you are in-game. As per the game developers, the sound prompt can remind you that you are in the game. However, after playing the game personally, it didn’t felt like a useful feature to me.Audio Warning BGMI

Kill Color

Damage Color In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Previously, you have the option to select red color as the color of damage done. However, there is no red color option now color, instead, you get to see three other color options instead of that. This was done to make the game look less violent.

Final Words

These were the 5 major differences that were brought to the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India. We hope you are also excited about the launch of the game as much as us. Do let us know whether you played the game yet or not in the comments section.

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