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7 Important Changes In Battlegrounds Mobile India The New PUBG

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been announced by Krafton months after the popular Battle Royale multiplayer game, PUGB was banned in India by the Government of India. PUGB was amongst the 118 apps banned by the government of India back in September of last year. The game was said to steal user data and share it in an unauthorized manner. But the game was been relaunched in a new form with major changes in its privacy policy to come in check with the Government of India. The company has released the privacy policy on its website already to make it clear they have made the changes and in order to avoid any other ban in the future.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India New Privacy Policy:

User Data That Is Collected

The information put on the website says that all the data that is collected, can be classified into 3 broad categories that are: i) information collected directly, ii) information collected automatically, and iii) information collected from third parties.

i) Information collected directly from you: Krafton has made it clear the Battlegrounds Mobile India will NOT be collecting any kind of user data directly from the players.

ii) Information collected automatically: There’s some information that will automatically be collected whenever the player makes use of its services, which includes:

  • Your Device Info (OS version, browser, & settings),
  • IP address, and,
  • Your browsing behavior while using its services.

iii) Information collected from third parties: In a major relief, the developers made it clear that they will NOT collect data from third parties.

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What About The Data That Is Collected?

There is still a lot of data that Battlegrounds Mobile India collects from every player. This information is mainly collected to understand the players and provide the service to players and improve the quality. The company has clarified that it will not misuse the data in any way and they will process user’s info to perform the contract that users have with it and to comply with applicable rules. The services for which the user data is taken by the developers include:

  • Solving technical issues and improving the quality of the service, and
  • Tracking usage patterns, analyzing trends of players, and calculating statistics.

With Whom Is The Data Shared?

The company will still share data with select third-party platforms. But these will include some service providers to process personal information to provide customer support and to manage the community. The third parties include:

  • Company’s business partners,
  • Cloud computing service providers to offer cloud storage services,
  • Marketing platforms and analytics services relating to players’ behavior.

Where Will The Data Be Stored?

The complete data that is collected is stored in servers in India and Singapore. This, however, doesn’t mean that they won’t transfer the data to other countries or regions to operate the Battlegrounds Mobile India service or to meet legal requirements. The company has promised that the data remain protected as it remained in India.

Policy For Kids And Under 18 Players

This time there is a separate policy in place for under 18 aged players. Players will have to provide the contact number of the parent or guardian to confirm that they are legally eligible to play it. But this is only for under 18 aged players.

Information Regarding Deleting User Data

The company has made it clear it will delete any kind of user data it has after the purpose of collecting it has been achieved. If any data is stored in physical form, then the company claims it will shred all of the data. When it comes to electronically stored data, the company has said it will be removed using such measures that it cannot be reproduced.

The company, however, did say that some of the data will be retained even after the closure of the account if the data from the account is needed in retention of data is reasonably necessary to comply with legal obligations such as resolving disputes, preventing fraud, cheating or abuse, etc.

Krafton has also said it gives the option to the players to request the rectification, as well as the erasure of the player’s data at any time. To do so, the user will have to mail the company requesting them to do the same.

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