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BGMI Partners With Tesla: Here Are All The Updates Brought To The Game

BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India has partnered with Tesla. The partnership between Tesla and Krafton brings various changes to the games. BGMI announced the latest update a few days after its launch in India, and this update will bring new elements to the game after the partnership.

Not only BGMI, but PUBG Mobile also announced a partnership with Tesla. Both BGMI as well PUBG Mobile are expected to bring the same new elements after the partnership. Let’s discuss what game changes the players will be seeing with the latest update announced after the partnership with Tesla.

Mission Ignition Mode

The update brings a new mission ignition mode which will have six major places on the Erangel map. These places will turn into research and energy facilities. This will bring new game elements like patrol robots, information collectors, and automatic hyperline.

Mission Ignition

Tesla Gigafactory And Model Y Production

The update will bring Tesla’s Gigafactory to the game. One can find Gigafactory at four locations throughout the game when playing Mission Ignition Mode. Players can visit the Gigafactory and then see how the Tesla Model Y is manufactured. After the car has been manufactured, players can drive it through the map. Moreover, there will also be the auto-pilot feature in the Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Gigafactory

Self-Driving Tesla Semi Trucks

The update also brings the self-driving Tesla semi-trucks, which will appear randomly on the rural roads and will run on the specific routers. Players can cause damage to the self-driving semi-truck to force it to drop the supply boxes it carries. These supply boxes will have combat supplies.

Clan Clash

Clan clash is also introduced in the game. Now clans will be able to battle with each other and earn Clan points. The game will ensure that Clans with similar levels will fight against each other.

New Weapon

New weapons have also been introduced in the game. MG3 is a new weapon that will appear on the map. It is a light machine gun that does not take any attachments apart from the 6X scope. MG3 will be obtained by airdrops in the classic maps apart from the Karakin map. M249 will now appear on the map for the loot instead of the airdrops.

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