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FAU-G Launch Confirmed On January 26: All You Need To Know

The launch date for the highly anticipated game FAU-G has been officially confirmed to be on January 26. Not just the date, but even the official video along with an anthem has been launched. The announcement took place on the official Twitter account of nCORE Games. The video also gave a slight hint and teased the gameplay, weapons, game options, and much more.

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The date of 26th January has been very strategically selected by the game developers owing to the Republic Day celebrations in the country. The launch video/ teaser displays commandos fighting off enemies trying to enter the country along the border of LAC (Line of Actual Control) in Ladakh.

The game was launched as an Indian developed alternative to PUBG Mobile after the latter was banned in India as a response from the Indian Government to the skirmish between the Indian and Chinese forces in Galwan Valley.

Gameplay And Game Modes

The teaser and the uploaded screenshots of the game don’t reveal much. But based on what we already know about the game through the information already available does reveal that the game is going to be launched in an Only Store Mode format initially with a Battle Royale mode to be introduced at a later stage.


There is also 2 in-game currency vivible in the screenshot uploaded by the developers. Moreover, in terms of weapons, the game does show a gun looking like an AK-47s in the video. The home screen UI does also show the front and back of the character.

How To Play FAU-G?

FAU-G is not yet available on the Google Play store yet to be downloaded and played yet and the game will be launched to be downloaded from January 26. But the game will be available for users who register for the game in advance.

The game was first available for pre registering in the end of November last year. In just less than 24 hours the game received over 1.06 million pre-registrations. The game is still available for pre-registering and for that all you have to do is follow this link and just tap on register. Upon doing so, when the game goes live, you will receive a notification. Users can also select the game to be automatically installed on the phone.

Although, the game is as per the information available for the time being available only for Android users through Google Play Store. The game will be soon also be announced and launched for iOS users on Apple App Store.

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