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New nearby tracker in Pokemon Go

If you are a Pokemon Go player then you might know that which Pokemon is nearby to you. Since, there is a side bar downwards which shows this. But, the one that’s supposed to let you actually figure out where Pokemons are hiding is aimless, because we couldn’t figure it out where to move and where to catch. So, now an update has been given by Niantic to the users, it will mention a log and log will contain the image of the place where Pokemons are hiding. This update has been tested on a subset of users and report was good. A YouTube video being made regarding this update

So, nearby drawer has now two sections:Nearby and Sightings.

Where “Nearby” Pokemons are those which happen to be close to nearby PokeStops. Tap at them and the place will get zoomed, you will be able to see which PokeStop you should head towards. The Pokemon you are looking for should be near that PokeStop.

Whereas Pokemons in the “Sightings” section will consist of grass behind them rather than an image, which means they aren’t near to any PokeStop and they are in the wild, you have to hunt them without any guidance. Tapping a “sightings” Pokemon also seems a bit aimless because you will be aimlessly walking towards your aim, not even knowing where to proceed.

So, if you are updating the app and not getting any extra facility so wait as mentioned above, it has been only launched for a dozens of users. So, Niantic has tested this update on different different players of rural areas and its areas, so that they are able to take decision that if this update is useful or not.

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