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Now, take a buddy Pokemon with you in Pokemon Go

So, after a week again a new update by Niantic. Yes, a new one, now make any of the Pokemon(whichever you like) your buddy. Since, we all know that Pokemon Go is now struggling to maintain its popularity so, it is providing flaunty updates, which could attract more and more users towards itself. And now this Buddy update is gonna add some new charm to the game.

In this update you will be able to pick your favorite Pokemon from your Pokedex and you may become best friend with your Pokemon. This will allow you to earn rewards in the game. You may see the Buddy Pokemon appearing next to your Trainer Avtar(on your profile screen). And you will also be able to switch the Pokemon, with the other one whenever you want. But, we still don’t know that what this Buddy Pokemon will do for us. But, Niantic promised that this update will go live soon. This News was also revealed on the official page of Pokemon Go on Facebook.

Beside this, Niantic is coming with some more interesting updates which will also help game to end long. Which means users will have the charm in playing the game as they had, when it was launched. But, if we see this new update, we may say that this one is something attractive and users are going to love the Buddy Pokemon as their Best Friend.

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