A New Yorker completes his Pokedex(regional)

Pokemon Go, almost millions of people, around several nation are playing every day around 2 to 3 hours a day on an average, but no one has yet competed his regional Pokedex except this New Yorker. He has become the U.S.’s first Pokemon Go master after he caught all the monsters being listed in his country’s Pokedex.

Yesterday, a Reddit user named ftb_hodor posted a screenshot of his mobile phone, showing that he has completed his Pokedex of 142 Pokemons. It was made possible when the user reached upto Level 31. This was done because of the utmost dedication shown up by the guy towards this game. He approximately spent 2 weeks with at least 50 hours a week – hatching 303 eggs and covering upto 95 miles on foot. When he was busy completing his Pokedex, then he collected a total of 4,269 Pokemon.

A statement made by the ftb_hodor stated that, “he furthest travelled to New Jersy to catch the Pokemon, and he also paid his gratitude towards the Central Park for helping him to complete his hunt(since there were 4 PokeStops located around the park)”.

According to Nintendo, there are infact 151 pokemons, in which 9 of them are either extremely rare or region locked. Hence there are 3 Pokemons still missing from the pocket of the user these are region locked: Mr. mime(Europe), Kangaskhan(Australia) and Farfetch’d(Asia). The remaining ones Articuno, Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Molters and Zapdos, these have not been sighted since the game have been launched.

So, congratulating the ftb_hodor on completing his success, looking forward for an Indian guy who could also complete his Pokedex.

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