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OnePlus 2 Will Come With Better Fingerprint Sensor Than Touch ID

OnePlus is one company that has been successfully arousing curiosity among the customers at regular intervals regarding its upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone. In the past, the Chinese startup had already disclosed that it will be using the highly contentious Snapdragon 810, v2.1 and USB-C port in the second-generation flagship.

OnePlus 2

Now, it has confirmed that the forthcoming OnePlus 2 will boast a fancy fingerprint scanner. It is also stating that this particular sensor is a “fingerprint sensor done right”, which will certainly raises a few eyebrows from fans of Apple’s Touch ID tech, which is until now considered to have the best implementation.

The photos of OnePlus 2 that were leaked yesterday had two different features. While one was apparently the metal build, while the other one was a clearly visible metal strip that ran down the middle, rumored to accommodate a fingerprint sensor. The smartphone will indeed have the technology confirms OnePlus 2 and not just any fingerprint scanner.

Of course, OnePlus did not disclose what sensor they will be using. It looks like the OnePlus 2’s fingerprint scanner will function just like any other existing fingerprint scanner. However, the company claims that the fingerprint scanner would be “refined and lightning quick”. It is reportedly said to combine well with the smartphone’s functionality. The company pointed out that it is meant for unlocking a phone and can store up to five fingerprint profile. It did not go into any technical specs of the sensor’s software, though it called the sensor “one of the fastest” on the market.

There is no confirmation from OnePlus as to where it would be placing the sensor. The leaked photos indicate at a rear location, very much alike to the HTC One Max. Though OnePlus mention that up to five fingerprints are supported, this may seem to contradict that.

OnePlus is a smartphone manufacturer based in China. It’s known for a viral approach to marketing its smartphones, using an invite-only system to make availability more exclusive. The company’s OnePlus 2 is slated to launch on July 27 at a virtual reality event.

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