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Report: YouTube Automatic Translation Feature Grants Option to View Videos in Native Language

YouTube is likely to grant an option for its viewers to browse the videos by automatically translating video titles, captions, and descriptions into the native languages. This feature on the most engaged video platform is actuated by Google Translator. Among millions of users, few have already noticed the feature which was enabled from a server-side change. YouTube is expected to expand this feature for more users in the upcoming days. As for now, this feature is made enabled only in Portuguese and Turkish languages.YouTube

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Android Police, a well-known Tech Website was the first to notice this new Automatic Translation feature which was enabled for few users. According to the report by Android Police, all the textures including descriptions, video titles, and captions could translate from English to Portuguese and English to Turkish.

Further in the report, it is mentioned that the new feature takes the help of Translation by Google to automatically translate the text, which can help the viewers to browse through the videos more easily. This feature will be made available for both the YouTube mobile app and YouTube Web users.

In the recent Improvisation, YouTube allowed its content creators to change their profile name and pictures on its platform through YouTube Studio without the need to change the details on their Google accounts.YT Automatic Translation

An update from April 22 enabled the content creators to change the details which was highly demanded. The verified badge content creators have to reapply for the badge after changing their information on YouTube.

In the recent updates, YouTube has rolled out many new features including the beta version of YouTube Shorts, which was introduced in the United States after the successfully testing in India. This feature was introduced in India to encash the opportunity after the ban of TikTok and it was successful with around 6.5 billion views per day.

Todd Sherman, Product Manager at YouTube Shorts said that YouTube is functioning in many ways to make people gather audiences by making Shorts and earn money.

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