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WhatsApp Update With Expanded Image Display Launched

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has rolled out the latest update with an expanded display of images. The update is not a significant one but will be useful and beneficial for users who regularly send media over the social networking app.

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The update will be showing more of the image in-line as compared to before where the images used to be cropped to make them fit. Using this update, now the users will be able to view a larger portion of the image through their chatting window itself without the need to open the image. The update isn’t by any means revolutionary or groundbreaking, but it is certainly going to enhance the user experience and make everyday tasks slightly easier.

Moreover, if you seem to feel that you have seen something elsewhere as well, then you aren’t wrong or alone. This is a very identical update to the one being tested by Twitter. In this app, in users feed, all the pictures are also displayed bigger than before with the images in-line within user timelines.

Twitter Expanded Display

Just like the WhatsApp update, even this update was aimed to provide a better representation of what the users want to display through the images. It makes sure that the complete image is displayed and not the cropped version of it. The update will make the users not have a need to stop mid-scroll and check out your message especially images.

The update in WhatsApp will be rolling out from today itself and many users have also started to make use of this updated image view. It’s a very simple tweak and so is expected to be made available to a large number of devices across the globe. Users can update WhatsApp on their devices to check if they have received the update for the social networking app’s latest update with Expanded Image Display or not.

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