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How To Actually Boycott China: List of Chinese Smartphone Brands, Apps and Much More

Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new ‘vocal for local’ campaign started when he announced it during his speech while addressing the nation about Lockdown 4.0. The ‘vocal for local’ campaign started with an aim to make India self-reliant. So, it has implicitly set up a country narrative to Boycott China services and goods and with that #BoycottChina, #BoycottChineseProducts, #BoycottChineseApps hashtags are trending in India.

Few hashtags such as #TikTokBan and #IndiansAgainstTikTok are also trending as TikTok is one of the most popular Chinese App in India. The main reason for the TikTok ban trend was due to YouTube vs TikTok fight and CarryMinati roast video.

Also, recent clashes with Chinese forces in Ladakh in which twenty Indian soldiers were killed, due to this there is an increase in boycott campaigns among Indians.

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So you might be here to know about how to boycott china by boycotting Chinese apps or smartphones. But before knowing that understand that completely boycotting China is not possible as of now.

Such a step is not technically possible to achieve the desired result nor should it be in our national interest to do so. Let’s consider the angle of feasibility below:

India is the largest importer of Chinese goods and services and India’s trade deficit with China is among the largest among two major trading partners. India imports from China nearly seven times more than it exports to that region. The number of items we import from China is huge: consumer durables such as electrical devices, mobile phones, plastic objects, agricultural goods, cars, solar cells, important medicinal drugs, including tuberculosis and leprosy medications, antibiotics, and many others.

Chinese smartphone brands currently power over $8 billion of India’s smartphone market by 51 percent. China exported well over 60 percent of electronic products and components in 2018-19.Indian Smartphone Market With Chinese Smartphone Brands

Even if we wanted to, keeping China out of our daily lives is practically impossible. In every product that we consume there is a little bit of China. Ironically, China itself manufactures the laptops and smartphones we use to forward the message to boycott Chinese products. The process of modern-day manufacturing is complex and interconnected.

Every good we use has various components coming from different countries. Take the smartphones: it uses China’s labour and land, will have investment and resources from the US or a European country, will have innovation from Japan or Korea, and could end up using apps made in India. Therefore, every nation can’t be segregated and its goods boycotted.

iPhone Assembled in China
Apple iPhone Comes With Assembled in China Branding

Also, it is important to know that such consumer boycott movements are hardly new or unique. It’s been tried out and has failed in the world many times before. In the early 1930s, China itself attempted to boycott all Japanese products in protest against Japanese colonization. In 2003, the U.S. consumer forums tried to boycott French goods to protest France’s refusal to send troops to Iraq post 9/11. Jamaicans boycotted Trinidad and Tobago goods, Ghanaians boycotted European goods and so forth. The list continues.

The only similar thing in all these various incidents is that their aim was not successful in either of the boycotts. Within a few weeks, all failed and dissipated and the explanation for that is always simple: the economy.

Any Feasible Way to Boycott Chinese Products:

The only feasible way to boycott Chinese products is to implement an import-substitution method and produce alternatives of all products which is far from ideal (But it is not impossible). If India wished to create alternatives of all the products that we are currently importing from China, this will entail a substantial reallocation of our resources from efficient to inefficient uses. The range of products available to the consumer as a choice would immediately decrease, the quality of the products would worsen and the price levels would be higher.

Made in China LabelEvery citizen of India has their own choice. They can make an appeal on what they prefer to buy or not. For example, If Chinese made plastic diyas during Diwali and they are not to your liking, just don’t buy them. So, by this as an individual, you can contribute to India by avoiding Chinese products.

Therefore the bottom line is that Indian companies need to work harder before they can compete with the Chinese. The government also needs to step in by providing improved services and lowering the cost at which Indian companies are issued loans. India can boycott Chinese products only when the gap between India and China is narrowed. If such a boycott is done now, Indian interests will be hurt even more.

So, enough knowledge about Boycott China. Now, below are the list of Chinese Smartphones brands and Chinese apps which you can boycott to at least contribute somewhat to our nation.

List of Chinese Funded Indian Companies:

India’s biggest consumer power and massive demand draw investors from all over the world. Among all,  Chinese investors and technology entrepreneurs include a stupendous investment in India’s start-up specializing in areas such as mobile gaming, education, healthcare, financial technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in India. Here is the list of Chinese Funded Companies in India (Updated: June 30, 2020):

Indian Companies funded by Tencent Holdings Ltd. (Chinese Multinational conglomerate company):

  1. Byju’s
  2. Ola
  3. Dream11
  4. Flipkart
  5. Hike
  6. Swiggy
  7. Ibibo
  8. Makeytrip
  9. Udaan
  10. Niyo
  11. Gaana
  12. Doubtnut
  13. Khatabook
  14. MX Player
  15. Pocket FM
  16. Practo
  17. MyGate
  18. PolicyBazaar

Indian Companies funded by Alibaba (Chinese E-commerce company):

  1. Paytm
  2. BigBasket
  3. Paytm Mall
  4. Snapdeal
  5. Zomato
  6. Healofy
  7. Ticketnow
  8. Rapido
  9. Vidooly
  10. Xpressbees

Indian Companies funded by Xiaomi (Chinese Consumer electronics company):

  1. Hungama
  2. Sharechat
  3. Rapido
  4. ZestMoney
  5. Oye! Rickshaw
  6. City Mall
  7. Marsplay Internet

Other Indian Companies funded by Chinese Companies:

  1. Oyo — Funded by Didi Chuying (Didi Kuaidi) (Chinese transportation company).
  2. MyDermacy — Funded by Cyber carrier (Chinese venture capital).
  3. Delhivery — Funded by Fosun (Chinese Conglomerate company).

List of All Chinese Smartphone Brands and Their Availability in India:

Chinese Smartphone BrandsSub-brand ofAvailability in India
10.Ormanufactured by Huaqin Telecom Technology Co. Ltd.Yes
Coolpadsubsidiary of LeEcoYes
Honorsub-brand of HuaweiYes
Motorolasub-brand of LenovoYes
Ningbo BirdNo
OnePlussubsidiary of BBKYes
Opposubsidiary of BBKYes
Redmi/Misub-brand of XiaomiYes
TCL CorporationYes
Technology Happy LifeNo
Tecno MobileYes
Vivosubsidiary of BBKYes
Zopo MobileYes
ZUK Mobilesubsidiary of LenovoYes

List of Alternative Smartphone Brands in India:

Note — It is important to know that the below-mentioned companies do include some internal parts from China like the battery.
Alternate Smartphone BrandsCountry
SamsungSouth Korea
AppleUnited States
GoogleUnited States
Intex TechnologiesIndia
Karbonn MobilesIndia
Lava InternationalIndia
HCL TechnologiesIndia
Micromax InformaticsIndia
Onida ElectronicsIndia
Spice XIndia
Spice DigitalIndia
YU TeleventuresIndia
LG South Korea

List of Chinese Apps:

On June 29, the Government of India officially banned 59 Chinese Apps which includes most popular apps like TikTok, UC Browser, Shein, ShareIt and many more. We have also listed alternatives to all 59 banned Chinese apps.

Chinese Apps
360 Browser
360 Mobile Assistant
360 Mobile Guard
360 Security
AFK Arena
Alipay Wallet
APUS Browser
Arena of Valor
Art of Conquest
Baidu Browser
Baidu Cloud
Baidu Input
Baidu Map
Baidu Mobile Assistant
Baidu Mobile Guard
Baidu Music
Baidu Tieba
Baidu Translate
Baidu Video
Battery Doctor
Battle of Empires
Beauty Camera
Bigo Live
CacheClear DU apps studio
Camera 360
CCB Mobile Bank
Cheetah Clean Master
Cheetah Keyboard
Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings: The West
Clash of Queens
Clean Master
Club Factory
CM Backup
CM Browser
Creative Destruction
Cyber Hunter
Dank Tanks
DU Battery Saver
DU Browser
DU Cleaner
DU Privacy
DU recorder
ES File Explorer
Game of Sultan
Game of Sultans
Heroes War
Huangli Weather
Identity V-Danganronpa
iFeng News
iFlytek Input
iQiyi PPS Player
iQiyi Video
Isoland : Ashes of Time
Keke Software Store
Kingsoft Battery Doctor
Kingsoft Mobile Security
Kingsoft WPS Office
Knives Out-No rules, just fight!
Kugou Music
Kuwo Music
Lanren Tingshu
Ludo World
Mafia City
Mail Master
Marvel Super War
Meitu Xiuxiu
Meiyan Camera
Mi Community
Mi Store
Mi Video call
MIUI Music
Mobile AliWangwang
Mobile Discount 800
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Moji Weather
Moxiu Desk
Mr Pumpkin : Walls of Kowloon
Netease News
News Republic
Parallel Space
Perfect Corp
Photo Wonder
PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile
QQ Browser
QQ Chat
QQ International
QQ Launcher
QQ Mail
QQ Mailbox
QQ Music
QQ NewsFeed
QQ Player
QQ Security Centre
QQ Synchronization Assistant
QQ Zone
Qunar Trip
Rise of Kingdom: Lost crusade
Shuqi Novel
Sina Weibo
Sohu News
Sohu Video
Sougou Input
Soul Hunters
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile
Storm Player
Tap Tap Dash
Tencent Album Manager
Tencent App Store
Tencent Battery Manager
Tencent Mobile Manager
Tencent News
Tencent Video
Tencent Weibo
Tiktok Lite
Tudou Video
Turbo VPN
UC News
UCBrowser Mini
Vigo Video
Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)
VivaVideo- QU Video Inc
VPN Monster
Weather Reader
Wonder Camera
YouCam Makeup
Youdao Dictonary
Youku Video
Zh wnl
Zombie World SLG D

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