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Sony to launch PS4 Neo on Sep 7, this will feature a slimmer design

PlayStation, a gaming console and desire of all the children and adults too. PS1, PS2, PS3 and now what’s the next. Yes, you are right it’s none other than PS4. So, Sony is planning to unleash its new PS model in New York on September 7, in its PlayStation Theater.

So, tech giant Sony is all set to release mid-life upgrade of its popular gaming console. And now, we may see the new version of the high-end device in much slimmer model, as compared to its prior ones. Basically, it is also coming with the another variant and that is PlayStation Neo, and it will also be launched along PS4 early next month. So, company is thinking of launching its newly introduced PS4 model, alongside the high-end variant. So,  new PS is coming in 2 variants and they are PS4 and PS Neo.

Some leaked images of PS4 came and in them it was slimmer version of the PlayStation launched by Sony till now. So, Sony is repeating its story of PS3 in its new models as well. As we compare, so first generation PS3 consisted of 60 GB memory and was fattier than the second generation. And the second generation was 33% smaller design and also loosed its weight, with expanding its memory to 320GB.

Many people are also linking PlayStation launching in thinner model, with the Microsoft Xbox OneS console, which is also coming into the market with 405 reduction in its size as compared to its previous models. A report came from WSJ in which Macquarei Securities analyst Damian Thong said that ” The new model will be slimmer than the first generation PS4. But, it might also be less expensive than the $350 the current console.”

And another report also said that Sony has also cut into the production of PS4 to adjust its inventory, and that major e-commerce websites in Japan show the PS4 out of stock. An now, Sony is planning to raise its selling of PS4 by 20 million PS4 units which is also 2.3 million more than the previous PS. So, we could see this launching of Sony as competition beginner and it is all set to compete its rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One S.

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