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Why One Cannot Sideload Apps On iOS Devices: Apple Report States

Unlike Android users, iOS users don’t have the option to sideload apps. Android phones and tablets users can easily download apps that are not available on PlayStore from any third-party website or app store.

One cannot sideload apps on iOS devices and Apple has recently published a report stating why one cannot sideload apps on iOS devices.

After announcing the iOS 15 update for the users, Apple has now published a report about how sideloading apps may put users and their data at risk. The 16th page of the report states the dangers of sideloading the apps from external sources. It also shows the everyday experiences of the family using Apple devices.

It is for security reasons that Apple does not allow users to sideload apps on iOS devices. They said in their report, that many third-party app stores and websites do not review the apps properly that uploaded on them.

The apps that are not reviewed properly may have potential threats. On the official stores like PlayStore and App Store, developers review apps properly before uploading them on the store for users to download and install.

Apple has laid certain guidelines and app policies that every App must meet to be uploaded on App Store. App developers have to comply with these guidelines and policies to be able to upload apps on App Store.

Epic games violated these guidelines with Fortnite in 2020. Due to this, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, and also threatened Epic Games to revoke their developer account. All of this led to the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games.

Apple said in the report, that some have suggested the Apple create ways for the app developers to distribute their apps through websites and third-party app stores. They said, that doing so will degrade the security of the iOS and will expose its users to security risks.

Allowing users to sideload apps on iOS devices may expose users to threats like scams, malware attacks, ransomware, and other potential security risks. This will for sure affect the trust of users from Apple and the security provided by them.

To prevent users from threats online, Apple does not allow users to sideload apps on iOS devices. Many tech enthusiasts also highlighted the 30% App Store commission. Every developer uploading their apps on App Store needs to pay a 30% commission to Apple. Also, Tim Sweeney, the CEO and head of Epic Games, described the report published by Apple as ‘A Sea Of Lies.’

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