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Best Alternatives of Apple AirTags for Android Smartphones

Best Smart Trackers For Android

Apple launched the most awaited AirTags in Spring Loaded event. AirTags are a simple and inexpensive way to track & monitor a wide range of everyday products. The only issue is that they’re only compatible with Apple products. So if you iPhone user, there is nothing else you can get, the AirTags are simply best. But for Android users, there are many options available, but only one stands out from the rest.

These basic Bluetooth-enabled devices can be connected to objects and their location can be tracked using an app. Although Android users can miss out on the iPhone’s simple system-level integration of AirTags, they aren’t without choices.

The Best Alternative: Tile Mate

When it comes to Bluetooth trackers, Tile is unquestionably the most well-known brand. The company has been out there for some time and provides a variety of models to choose from. The Tile Mate is the one we believe is better for the majority of people.Tile Mate

The Tile Mate, like AirTags, connects to your Android phone or tablet through Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). The Tile Mate’s range is advertised as 200 feet, but in fact, you’ll probably get a little less. That’s still really fine, and it should work in most cases.

What if you’re not within that range? The Tile app will show the location of the tracker when it was last connected. If that isn’t enough, you can mark it as “Lost” in the app and seek the help of other Tile users to locate it.

Since the batteries on older Tile models couldn’t be replaced, they were basically disposable, but that’s no longer the case. The Tile Mate is powered by a standard CR1632 lithium battery, which can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is slightly larger than Apple AirTag, and it has a key-ring hole, so it can be clipped to anything without any additional accessories. Although the Tile Mate is only available in white, third-party cases are available.

You can subscribe to “Tile Premium” and can get some extra features. Battery replacements, longer warranty (up to 3 years), a 30 day location history, unrestricted location sharing, more alert options, as well as text support are among the features.

Buy Now (Rs. 1,999)

The Expensive Alternative: Tile Pro

Tile ProTile’s key finders continue to be the best, and the new Tile Pro is a great example of that. Tile improved the range on the Pro – It is capable of tracking 400 feets which is just double of Tile Mate. Tile Mate featured a replaceable battery option which is continue on this Pro.

Buy Now (Rs. 6,999)

Apart from Tile Mate and Tile Pro, the company has other type of smart trackers – you can check out all here and buy which suits you best.

Honorable Mention: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

How can not be there a Samsung alternative to any Apple product out there. Recently, Samsung launched Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ trackers. So If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and use Android, you may be interested in Samsung’s own Bluetooth tracker.Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Galaxy SmartTags are very small, even though they have similar features to AirTags and Tiles and are priced similarly. For starters, they’re only compatible with Samsung devices, not even other Android phones. They are even missing some of the Tile’s sensors.

Unless you get a Galaxy SmartTag for free when you buy a Samsung phone (with offers sometime), we think the Tile Mate or Tile Pro are far superior.

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