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BlackBerry’s Hub+ apps now on Android

“Qwerty Giant”, yeah this one will be correct for the past giant BlackBerry. Canadian phone maker has now released its much renowned app Hub+ suite of applications for Android users (for Android Marshmallow). Hub shows all your mails, social media notifications and all the notifications in one interface. Whereas, it consists of calendar and a password manager as well. As BlackBerry stated on its official statement” we once described Hub as the closest thing to a universal inbox”. Firstly, the Hub+ was the stuff of BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry’s Android phone The Priv, but they were unable to popularise it. Since, BlackBerry’s less sale of phones hindered the app from nourishing. Hence, BlackBerry decide to take this step.

By release of this on the Android Marshmallow, potentially it is gonna attract the Android users towards it. But, it also has a drawback that it is only free for 30 days and after it if you will, to continue the service, then 99% you have to pay it else, continue with the ads shown. But, there is no loss in subscribing the pack because it includes the company’s Contacts, tasks, device search, notes and launcher apps. Since, company is adding more and more technicalities day by day, so you may try again if it’s not working on your handset. Since it only works on phones, so if you have a tablet then you might not get the service available for you. But, company is working to expand its usability on Android Lollipop and iOS as well, in oncoming future.

So, let’s see whether this app gets appreciated by the users or it would have same treatment as that of BBM!

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