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PFD Tech News #4 – PS5 Swapped, POTUS Account, WhatsApp Read Later, Apple App Tracking Limit, Instagram Branded Content Tags, Amazon Echo Frames

We came across some fascinating news today in the world of tech. We saw thieves not only swapping Amazon PS5 orders with cat food, WhatsApp planning to replace archived chats with ‘read later’ and more. Apple has announced its plans to limit app tracking, and Instagram has introduced some new features. This stuff, and more.

Thieves swapped PlayStation 5 Amazon orders with rice, cat foodPS5 Swapped

If you think it was a really Indian phenomenon to get a bar of Rin detergent instead of an iPhone, do not fear, we are not alone. Some PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles purchased from Amazon are stolen in transit, with consumers complaining about missed orders and replacing the consoles with rice bags, cat food, etc.

@POTUS account will be handed to Biden on Jan 20Potus Account Joe Biden

On Inauguration Day, Twitter will hand over the official US President’s @POTUS account to President-elect Joe Biden, even though Donald Trump refuses to concede, the New York Post said, quoting a spokesman.

WhatsApp to substitute ‘read later’ for archived chatsWhatsApp Read Later

For more than a year now, WhatsApp has been working in vacation mode. It was initially scrapped, but the feature has been re-tested by WhatsApp. WhatsApp is now working on a vacation ‘read later’ feature that will replace archived chats and offer more command over chats to users.

Apple has a strategy to limit app tracking and moves forward with itApple App Tracking Limit

To restrict “invasive, even creepy” tracking by third-party organizations, Apple plans to add a new privacy feature to iOS. Facebook has referred to this as an “abuse of market power, not surprisingly, to stifle competition.”

Instagram introduces new branded content featuresInstagram Branded Content Tags

A bunch of new updates for branded content have been revealed by Instagram on its platform. Instagram is launching a branded content tag for Reels and later for Live. Instagram also gives marketers more flexibility over branded content and allows tappable advertising for branded content in Stories. Product tags can also be used for branded content.

Amazon Echo Frames with enhanced audio quality, long battery life for saleAmazon Echo Frames

Amazon has improved its Echo Frames, with better audio quality, longer battery life, more features such as support for calendars and community messaging and new colours, they are no longer in beta. Last year the Alexa-equipped Echo Frames were launched as Day 1 Edition items and were only available by invitation.

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