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Humane Ai Pin: Revolutionizing Wearable AI in 2024 | Features, Price, and Release Date

Backed by Sam Altman, Humane is set to launch its groundbreaking Ai Pin in March 2024, promising a paradigm shift in wearable technology.

On November 10, Humane, a tech startup with the backing of Sam Altman, introduced its pioneering project – the Ai Pin. This innovative wearable gadget, featuring cutting-edge artificial intelligence, is poised to redefine how users access and interact with information.

FeaturesHumane AI pin device

The Ai Pin is not just a wearable device; it’s a voice-activated, touch-responsive companion designed to streamline information retrieval. With gesture recognition capabilities, this device offers a hands-free approach to search, translation, and navigation.

Interactive Projection Technology

One standout feature of the Ai Pin is its ability to project information directly onto the user’s hand, eliminating the need for a traditional screen. This innovation enhances user experience and convenience.

Powerful Hardware and AI Engine

Under the hood, the Ai Pin boasts an undisclosed Snapdragon chipset, ensuring optimal performance. The AI engine driving this device is none other than GPT-4, a testament to its advanced capabilities.

Strategic Partnership: Humane and OpenAI

Humane’s collaboration with Microsoft-backed OpenAI, spearheaded by Sam Altman, further solidifies the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. With Sam Altman holding a substantial 14 percent ownership stake in Humane, the partnership brings together formidable forces in the tech industry.Humane AI pin on hand

Pricing and Subscription Model

Humane has revealed a pricing strategy that reflects its dedication to delivering value. The Ai Pin is set to launch at $699, accompanied by a $24 per month subscription for cellular data access and a dedicated phone number. This pricing structure aligns with Humane’s vision of making advanced AI technology accessible to tech enthusiasts.

In a statement, Humane expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received from early backers. The company eagerly anticipates the release of Ai Pin, inviting users to join them on the journey of experiencing the world’s first AI-powered wearable computer.

Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of Humane’s Ai Pin in March 2024, as the tech world awaits the dawn of a new era in wearable AI technology.

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