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How to Disable Enhanced Intelligent Service on Realme, Oppo, and OnePlus Smartphones

A built-in function called Enhanced Intelligent Service can be found on some Realme, Oppo, and OnePlus smartphones. To enhance the overall user experience and device optimisation, this function gathers user data.

However, if you value your privacy and would like to turn this function off, just follow the straightforward instructions listed below. Please be aware that if you disable Enhanced Intelligent Service, some apps and services might stop working.

Note: This article is inspired by Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s suggestion to investigate the Enhanced Intelligent Service feature on select Android phones. The steps provided here are intended to help users disable this feature for privacy reasons.

Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

Open the Settings app on your Realme, Oppo, or OnePlus smartphone. You can usually find the app in your app drawer or by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon.

Step 2: Navigate to Additional Settings

Scroll through the settings options and look for “Additional Settings.” Tap on it to proceed.

Step 3: Select System Services

Within the Additional Settings menu, you’ll find various options. Look for “System Services” and tap on it to continue.Disable Enhanced Intelligent Service

Step 4: Disable Enhanced System Services

Under the System Services menu, you’ll see a list of features and options related to the system functionality. Locate and uncheck the option labelled “Enhanced System Services.” This will disable the collection of personal data and other information used to enhance your device’s intelligence.

Step 5: Restart Your Phone

After disabling Enhanced System Services, it’s recommended to restart your smartphone. This ensures that the changes take effect and that any residual processes associated with the feature are properly halted.


By following these simple steps, you can disable the Enhanced Intelligent Service feature on your Realme, Oppo, or OnePlus smartphone. This helps protect your personal data and maintain your privacy.

Remember that some apps and services may be affected by disabling this feature, so weigh the privacy benefits against the potential loss of certain functionalities. It’s always a good idea to periodically review your phone’s settings and adjust them according to your preferences.

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