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Microsoft Windows 365: Price in India, Availability, Features and More

Windows 365 has finally been unveiled by Microsoft. It was announced by Microsoft last month at its partner-focused virtual conference Inspire 2021. It brings cloud PC to reality, and one can access Windows from any of their devices, be it laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.

This service is available in two different editions i.e. Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

Now that Windows 365 has been unveiled, let’s discuss its pricing, features, and availability.

Windows 365 Price in India

Microsoft Windows 365 price starts from Rs. 1,865 user/month and goes up to Rs. 12,295 user/month.

The base configuration and top-end configuration of Windows 365 Business and Enterprise are priced same.Windows 365

Customers already having Windows 10 Pro licence, can save up to 16% on the Windows Hybrid Benefit program. With this Hybrid benefit, customers can get base configuration at Rs. 1,555  user/month.

There are also trails plans for two months of Windows 365 Basic, Standard and Premium configuration which users can get without paying the subscription charge.

Windows 365: Configuration

Microsoft has revealed all the configurations that are available from August 2.

The base configuration comes with 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, and 64GB storage. This configuration will be a part of Windows 365 Business, which is meant for businesses with less than 300 users.

It is the lowest configuration set by Microsoft for Windows 365, there are other configurations as well which are listed below along with pricing.

VM/OS disk sizeExample scenariosRecommended AppsPrice in India
1vCPU/2GB/64GBFrontline workers, Call centers, Education/training/CRM accessOffice light (web-based), Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, lightweight line-of-business app (e.g. call center application – web-apps), Defender supportRs. 1,865 user/month
Mergers and acquisition, Short-term and seasonal, Customer Services, Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from homeMicrosoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams (audio-only), Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business app(s) , Defender supportStarts Rs. 2,490 user/month
Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from home, Market Researchers, Government, consultantsMicrosoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business app(s), Defender supportStarts Rs. 3,500 user/month
Finance, Government, consultants, Healthcare services, Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from homeMicrosoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, PowerBi, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business app(s), Defender supportStarts Rs. 5,445 user/month
Software developers, engineers, Content Creators, Design and Engineering workstationsMicrosoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Access, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, PowerBi, Visual Studio Code, Line-of-business app(s), Defender supportStarts Rs. 9,880 user/month

Windows 365: Availability

Windows 365 is already available to organizations from August 2. Organizations of any size will be able to use it. It will be supported on all devices, including Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android phones. It will come in two cloud configurations, including Windows 365 Enterprise and Business.

Windows 365: Features

Windows 365 will have a look and feel of a full-fledged Windows PC, but it will be cloud-based. This means you will be able to use Windows 365 on a Web browser or through a native app. This will let you experience Windows on all the platforms and not only on Windows PC. That’s not it, users will be able to access all the apps, data, tools, and settings from the cloud.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Users can access Windows 365 even when switching between multiple devices. You will get the same experience on all the devices you use. Because of the cloud, you will not experience any difference in performance when using Windows on different devices.

It is focused on providing virtualization without requiring any dedicated IT support. This will reduce the cost of virtualization for organizations. The new cloud-based Windows will supports business apps like Dynamic 365, Microsoft 365, power platform, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and various others.

Users need not worry about security while using Microsoft 365. It will use Zero Trust architecture and will come with multi-factor authentication, to verify login and block any unauthorized access. Moreover, all the managed disk that runs Windows 365 are encrypted. With that being said, the data stored along with all the network traffic will be encrypted.

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