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Samsung One UI Watch Announced: Here’s All You Need To Know

Samsung at Mobile World Congress 2021 announced that One UI Watch will come on top of Wear OS 3.0.  Google and Samsung have been working together on creating an operating system for future Samsung wearables.

Previously, Google announced the next stage of Wear OS at Google I/O 2021, and now Samsung confirmed that One UI watch and Wear OS 3.0 will debut with the new Galaxy Watch that will most probably be Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The integration of both will look like Wear OS with some design tweaks from One UI.

Samsung during its presentation focused on the app ecosystem, phone/watch sync, and the watch face design Software Kit.

App Ecosystem

Previously, users were unable to install apps due to the unavailability of Google Play Store. The integration of Samsung and Google brings PlayStore to Samsung wearables. Users will now be able to download mobile apps on their Samsung Galaxy Watches. Users can now download apps like Spotify, Strava, and various others on Samsung Galaxy Watches.

One UI For Samsung Watch

Phone/ Watch Synchronization

The One UI Watch for Samsung Wearables is more focused on synchronization between phone and watch. Samsung has showcased some examples of synchronization between the devices. Samsung showed that the app you install on your phone can be automatically installed on the Watch. They showcased installing Spotify on the phone which was automatically installed on the watch.One UI Watch


Another example of the synchronization between the devices was syncing of time zones. Samsung showed how two time zones that were active on the clock app on phone were synchronized to the watch automatically. Samsung also showed how the design of One UI transfer to the watch, and also how calls can be blocked from one device to another.

Watch Face Design Software Kit

Samsung also presented a new Watch face design software kit. Using this software kit, one can make their personalized watch face. Samsung didn’t make it clear whether the software kit will be made available to all the users or exclusively to approved designers/developers.

Final Words

That’s all we know about the One UI watch and the features it brings to the Samsung watch. When the next Galaxy watch launches, we will surely be seeing Wear OS 3.0 with One UI Watch on the top.

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