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Instagram Rolled Out A New Security Check Feature To Keep Users Safe From Hackers

To prevent the accounts from being hacked, Instagram rolled out a new security check feature. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps that many people across the world.

Hackers try hacking into the account of the users on Instagram. There can be various vulnerabilities and reasons as to why your account may get hacked, which included using weak passwords and social engineering. Let’s discuss what is this new security check feature and how you can use it.

What Is This New Security Check Feature?

Instagram rolled out this new security check feature, and on their blog, they introduced how useful it can be. This feature allows users to check the login activity, review their profile, and also confirm the account recovery details. Instagram is also urging its users to bring two-factor authentication into use.

The social media app will now support sending the login code through WhatsApp. However, sending codes through WhatsApp will only be available in some countries. They haven’t disclosed any further details about it yet.

New Security Check Feature

Why This Feature Has Been Rolled Out?

Instagram said that they have noticed malicious accounts which DM people to share their account details. These accounts may message you saying that your account is at the risk of being banned because you are violating the policies.

Instagram said that these messages are scams and sharing your information with them can lead to your account getting hacked. Instagram never sends DM to people, and any information from Instagram will be sent through Emails.

Users whose accounts have previously been hacked or have been compromised with security will see the security check. The new security check feature is not available to all the users but to those whose accounts have been compromised previously. Users will get a security check from which users can review their profile and make certain security changes.

Final Words

Instagram hasn’t rolled out the new security check feature to all the users yet. It is not clear why so, but maybe the company wants to secure the weaker accounts first. It is expected that the feature will be brought to all the users as well.

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