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Samsung Foldable Phone With 3 Displays: Here Is All You Need To Know

When it comes to innovation, Samsung is always ahead of time. We were introduced to Samsung Fold Series, Samsung flip series, and whatnot. Now Samsung has secured the patent for a foldable phone with three displays, which means a double-folding phone. Yes, that’s of course what you can call innovation. Samsung Fold series was a successful lineup by Samsung, but the phones were having two screens. As Samsung secures the patent for a foldable phone with three displays, we can hope that we will be seeing a double-folding phone soon from Samsung.

Samsung Foldable Phone With 3 Displays
Photo Credit: SlashGear

Samsung has been working on various types of foldable phones, and recently there has been news about the phone with three displays or what you can tri-folding tablet. The patent that Samsung has signed, confirms the news to be true.

Well, the three displays are quite enough to tell, how innovative the phone is. But Samsung isn’t yet done with it. Samsung has also decided to go with a magnetic S pen with this one, which will fit in the small recess between the folding displays. There will be a right, left, and center screen on the phone. You can fold the right and left screen in a way, that they will rest on the center screen. There will be a small recess between the displays when they are folded, and that’s where the S-Pen will be placed. With that being said, we will also be seeing a fast charging mode in S pen. However, that will only be activated, when the phone is folded and S Pen is placed between the recess. In case, the phone is not completely folded, and the pen is still there at the place, then the standard charging mode will be activated.

Samsung Foldable Phone With 3 Displays
Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital

The patent for the tri-folding tablet by Samsung also mentions the two selfie cameras which will be placed in a dual punch hole setup. Users will also be seeing an in-display fingerprint sensor. Samsung has planned more features to launch the phone with. Samsung is also planning to have piezoelectric speakers that will be placed under the flexible screen, and there can also be a rear dual camera setup.

There hasn’t been any news about the launch of the phone. We cannot say anything about whether it will be launched or not. However, Samsung has signed a patent, which shows that they have something innovative in mind. Thinking of the aspects of the phone, this will be a good phone if launched with good specs. Well, we cannot say anything about the phone, until there is no confirm news from Samsung about its launch.

By the way, what do you think about this phone from Samsung? Will it be ideal in a real-life scenario? Will people use three displays? What is your opinion on it? Do let us know in the comments.

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