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How To Use The New Online Fraud Helpline Number?

Foreseeing all the internet banking frauds and money-related frauds taking place every now and then, the government has decided to launch an online fraud helpline number, where users can report any such reports. In a world, where the Internet is available to all, financial fraud does take place. No matter how aware people are about the frauds that can take place, scammers always find a new trick to scam people. Keeping in mind all the frauds taking place, the government has launched an online fraud helpline number, which people can use to report any money-related fraud.

Helpline Number To Report Online Money Frauds

If anyone finds a scammer trying to fraud them, they can dial the number 155260, where they can report such fraud incidents. The dial helpline number is similar to 112. In case of emergency, users can dial the number 155260, and report any cyberfraud taking place. The government with this initiative wants to minimize the frauds taking place all over India, and wants to bring it to zero.

It is reported, that the initiative to launch the online fraud helpline number was launched by Cyber Crime Coordination Centre and the Union Home Ministry in November 2020. This was to track all the online financial frauds taking place and to take action against them. However, the helpline number set up by the government is currently operational in Delhi and Rajasthan. The government will soon expand the operation of the online fraud helpline number to other cities as well.

Helpline Number To Report Online Money Frauds
Scam Message

This initiative by Government will surely do help in preventing financial scams from taking place online. However, it’s not only the duty of the government to keep an eye on the scams, but you must also beware of random phone calls or SMS regarding net banking or online transactions.

If you think that it is a good initiative launched by the government to prevent all the online financial frauds that take place online, then do let us know in the comment section.

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