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Instagram Is Testing A Feature That Allows Users To Select Whether Or Not They Want To See Likes

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, Instagram will launch a small global test on Wednesday that will enable users to hide like counts on their own or other people’s posts.

The photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram, said it conducted this latest test after receiving mixed feedback from previous tests in which it removed likes, a common metric of popularity.

The spokeswoman said in a statement that they began hiding like counts for a small group of people in 2019 to see if it alleviates any of the strain while posting to Instagram. She added that Some people liked it, but others wanted to see the like counts so they could keep track of what was popular.Instagram Likes Hide Feature

She also added that Facebook is working on a similar experience that will be released in the coming weeks in response to user requests for more control over how they communicate with content on the site. In Australia, Facebook had previously experimented with hiding likes on other people’s posts.

In what was supposed to be a small exercise, Instagram has inadvertently hidden likes for a large number of users last month, eliciting intense reactions. Some users saw it as a positive move for mental health, while others saw it as a disaster for designers who collaborate with brands. A user’s likes are conveyed by pressing a heart-shaped icon on their post.

Users participating in the Instagram test will also be able to see their own like count in private. A small number of global consumers would participate in the test, but the company did not specify how many.

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