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Facebook Vulnerability That Resulted Into Leaking Email Address Of Millions Of Users

Recently, many news came up about the data leaks from various tech giants, such as Dominos and Mobikwik. Now on the list of a data breach is Facebook, which because of its vulnerability leaked email addresses of millions of users. Facebook Vulnerability helped hackers get access to email addresses.

Hackers used software called Facebook Email Search v1.0, which in no time uncovered the email address of millions of users. Due to this, hackers were gaining access to email, which paired to 533 million phone numbers leaked from Facebook.

Facebook Vulnerability
Facebook Email Search v1.0 Software

The software is used by hackers to scrape users’ email addresses. It exploited the front-end of the Facebook website, linking user ID to their associated email address. This allowed a single hacker to get around 5 million email addresses in a single day.

Facebook on the data breach commented, that they already fixed the identical vulnerability, but it surely does prove that they did not. Facebook told a researcher, that the vulnerability which caused the leak of users’ data, is not important enough to be fixed. Considering the data of millions of people which is at high risk, Facebook does not seem to be much concerned about the data breach. In fact, their accidental email which was sent to a journalist at data news after the phone number leak on April 5, cleared that they are ignoring the vulnerability. Not only the Facebook vulnerability is being ignored, but they are also encouraging their PR to downplay and normalize the data breaches.

Facebook Vulnerability

This surely is what people can call ‘Privacy over the internet is a myth’. Facebook, the social media giant, being ignorant about the data breaches and vulnerability, and the act of normalizing it, proves that they do not care about it.

Facebook, however as now said that they are investigating a problem, and will release a patch to this vulnerability soon. However, there is no news about when they will find the fix.

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