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How To Replace iPhone 11 Screen To Fix Display Issue For Free?

Apple has a reputation for providing one of the most stable and issue-free devices for a long time. But several devices in the iPhone 11 series has been facing the issue of the display not responding to touch. But Apple has not only acknowledged this problem but has also announced that it will replace the screen of the iPhone 11 for all the users who are facing this issue. Apple has set up a page on its support page for users to easily check if their devices are eligible for the free screen replacement.

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What Is The Issue And Which Are The Affected Devices?

Some iPhone 11’s are facing this issue wherein the display panel is not able to detect any input from the user. The display panel has become unresponsive to these devices. Apple has also said that the problem is with the display module and hence the company is willing to replace the same for its affected customers.

Not all iPhone 11’s are facing this issue of the unresponsive display. Apple has said in an official announcement that a very small percentage of iPhone 11 are facing this issue. According to Apple, only devices manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 are facing this issue.

How To Get iPhone 11 Screen Replace For Free?

To get your iPhone 11’s screen replaced for free, users have to follow these simple steps.

  • Open iPhone 11’s display replacement website on your browser.
  • Select the country of origin for your device.
  • Now enter the serial number of your iPhone 11. To know the serial number go to settings of your iPhone followed by General and then About option. Here you can see the serial number of your device.
  • After entering the serial number check if the device is available for free screen replacement. If it is contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get the display changed for free.
  • Do take a complete backup of all the files on your phone before the replacement.

There are however several reasons for your device to not be eligible for the free replacement. Firstly, the device’s serial number must come within the “affected serial number range” of Apple. Only if it is amongst these serial numbers can you get your screen replaced.

If the phone has also been subject to a screen replacement in the past, the phone will automatically become ineligible for the free screen replacement. Also, any iPhone 11 despite being in the “affected serial number range” has to be claimed for the screen replacement within two years of the date of purchase. Any device post that will automatically become ineligible for replacement.

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