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Google Chrome Receives Performance Update: All You Need To Know

One of the most popular browsers in the world, Google Chrome is set to receive a massive update in the coming days. The search giant, Google’s browser Google Chrome is rolling out the Chrome 87 update with several new features and performance enhancements.

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Google Chrome Performance Improvements

Google says the Google Chrome 87 update will “represent the largest gain in Chrome performance in years.” Google Chrome for desktop has always been criticized for being a very slow browser to start. Moreover, it is also considered a heavy app for slower systems. But Google is said to address all this at least to a large extent through this update.

According to Google, the update will lead to a 5x reduction in the CPU usage of the system by prioritizing active tabs versus what’s in the background. Apart from this, even the battery life is said to go up by almost 1.25 hours on Chrome, based on initial tests by the company.

Google Chrome 87

Another notable improvement is the startup time is said to be 25% faster than before while the page loading speed is going to 7% faster. Google is said to have achieved this by making the browser aware of what tabs are visible to users and optimizing resources for those over hidden pages.

Even for Android users, the update will things faster by introducing instantaneous page loading when the user is navigating backward or forward through browser history. The update is touted to make back/ forward cache to be 20% of those back / forward navigations instants. Moreover, Google has also laid its plans to increase it to 50% through further improvements in the near future.

Changes And New Additions

Chrome has constantly received updates in the last few years. These updates have always brought some new features to make the user experience better. This time the browser has again brought several new features to make browsing easier and better.

Following are the changes coming to the browser:

  • The Chrome Actions have been introduced in the Omnibox (search bar in the home window). The Chrome Actions in simple words are just shortcuts that allow the users to search for simple tasks from settings like clear browsing data, delete history, or edit passwords directly by writing it in the search bar. Just like website suggestions the settings suggestion will be given to the user along with a tappable chip that opens the appropriate settings page. Chrome Actions
  • Recently we saw the ability to group tabs and pin the tabs to make it easier for users to multitask on Chrome. Now Chrome lets users see a list of what’s open across all windows and also an option to search for a tab from the group and pinned a set of tabs. Google has added a dropdown icon in the top-right corner of the browser for users to search for the tab from here. Google Chrome Tab Search
  • Finally, Google has also made changes to the new tab page as now with the update, the new tab will show recently-visited and related content cards. This will work the way Google Discover works on mobile phones. Google says this is being done for the users to “pick up where you left off” while researching over the internet.New Tab

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