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Apple Launched MagSafe Charger And MagSafe Accessories For iPhone 12: Price In India

One of the noteworthy features of the entire iPhone 12 lineup is MagSafe. Well, MagSafe improves wireless charging for a better, more efficient experience, and it even introduces an ecosystem of easy-to-attach accessories like cases and wallets. During the iPhone 12 launch event, Apple also introduced its first-party iPhone 12 accessories like MagSafe Charger.

Later down the road third-party accessories makers will also utilize MagSafe to make their own accessories.

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MagSafe Charger: Features And Pricing

If you are a tech enthusiast then you might remember back in 2017 during the iPhone X launch event Apple announced a wireless charger namely AirPower. Sadly the wireless charging mat never reached the production stage. The new MagSafe charger introduced by Apple is a Qi-compatible charger that comes with MagSafe technology built-in. It offers a wireless charging speed of 15W.


MagSafe Charger will retail for a price of Rs. 4500 and you can purchase it from either Apple Online store or authorized resellers starting October 30th.

MagSafe Cases: Features And Pricing


Apple has also announced a Silicone case with MagSafe and a Clear case with MagSafe. Since these cases have MagSafe magnetic coils built-in they will support wireless charging even after being stacked. These cases will retail for a price of Rs. 4900 and once again you can purchase it from either Apple Online store or authorized resellers starting October 30th.

MagSafe Leather Wallet: Features And Pricing


As the name suggests, MagSafe Leather Wallet a small leather pouch that will magnetically attach at the back of the 2020 iPhone 12 Series. Even this wallet comes with MagSafe magnetic coils and it can easily accommodate credit cards. The Leather Wallet with MagSafe will be priced at Rs. 5900 and you can purchase it from the Apple Online store or authorized resellers.

As stated earlier, third-party accessories makers have already started using the MagSafe technology to produce unique and useful accessories.

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