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Phone With Transparent Display: Samsung Patents Suggests Works On A Phone Having Transparent Display

Have you ever wondered when/ if you will be able to get your hands over those transparent phones as Tony Stark has in The Avengers? Well, what may seem a script of a Sci-Fi movie may very well be very close to reality, as Samsung has patented technology for a smartphone having a transparent display.

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How Close Are We To This Tech?

We are actually much closer to this tech than many have anticipated. Samsung isn’t the first company to be working on this tech. Earlier LG and Sony have also patented some designs suggesting their working on this tech. Moreover, a Taiwanese manufacturer Polytron did release a working prototype of a phone with a transparent display back in 2013 but they have juts disappeared post that.

Polytron Transparent Phone

Last month, Xiaomi officially launched a TV having a transparent display that is even available to purchase in select markets. This did make it clear that having transparent displays is possible.

Does It Mean I Will Hold Just A Sheet Of Glass?

As fascinating it may sound, we are not there yet. The phone which is said to be in works will be just like a regular smartphone but a see-through front and back (almost). There are several parts that can be made transparent other than the display such as the circuit board, cables, and even battery.

Samsung Transparent Phone

But still, there are few components of the phone which cannot be made transparent and so will be likely placed in the bezels. So do expect the phone when it comes to housing thick bezels.

How Will Usability Change?

Don’t expect huge changes in using the phone. The fingerprint reader may be shifted to the side but still housing the sensor may hamper the transparency. We have also seen transparent camera technology in works so that may solve another big issue for manufacturers.

Samsung Transparent Display Patent

But a huge change that users have been tipped to experience is the ability to control the device from both sides. Yes, you read that right! You would be able to use the phone from the back as well as the front. This will help the users to experience 3D usability and we may even see several new features and optimizations.

Samsung Transparent Display Patent

Currently, games such as Pokemon Go made use of AR (Augmented Reality) which helps us experience artificial elements in real-life environments through our phones. But the transparent display will maybe push it a little further and it may feel like we are literally present there and playing with characters right in front of us. It’s all just thought and expectations but as we know sky is the limit when it comes to technology.

What’s Next Big Smartphone Tech?

As weird it may sound, the answer may be no smartphone at all. Having a transparent display is cool, but let’s be practical. If we have a transparent phone having this computing power then why can’t glasses do that?

Smart Reality
Image Source: Mrwhosetheboss

Transparent displays mean they are no different than glasses. Having glasses to do the things a smartphone can do can pretty much completely transform everything we see and do.

Smart Reality 3
Image Source: Mrwhosetheboss

This may seem like the script from an episode of Black Mirror or some other Sci-Fi show or movie but we are getting there. Just turning to a person may make the details of the person and everything the computer knows about him/ her. Or by looking at the sky all weather data being displayed.

Smart Reality 2
Image Source: Mrwhosetheboss

But to do so we will need to control it through our minds as there is no way we can keep tapping on the lens. Implementing neural links is something we haven’t quite seen happening yet. But let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for these insane techs and enjoy the tech we currently have until then.

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