PUBG Mobile Banned in India: What Should You Play Now?

Nearly two months after Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, the Indian government decided to ban 118 more Chinese apps including the ultra-popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, known also as PUBG Mobile. Though it was the most loved game and it is no longer available, we list you some alternative battle royale games that you can download and play.

You Can Still Play PUBG

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are now banned in India as they are developed by Tencent Games, situated and registered in China. But now, PUBG Corporation cut ties with Tencent in order to bring back the game in India (for this you have to wait and wait…)

Till then, You can still play PUBG PC and PUBG Console which are developed by PUBG Corporation owned by BlueHole, located in Korea.

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PUBG Mobile Alternatives

1. Call of Duty: MobileCall of Duty Mobile

The mobile version of Call of Duty is similar to PUBG Mobile where up to 100 players jump into the battlefield with identifiable guns and characters. It is a multiplayer game with traditional 5v5 team-based combat across iconic maps.

2. Garena Free FireGarena Free Fire

A 10-minute survival shooter game where a player is placed on a remote island where they are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Like PUBG Mobile, you can land anywhere and drive vehicles. Can either be played solo or in squads of up to four players.

3. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale, as the title suggests, it offers gamers with a battle royale gaming experience from a third-person perspective. There are smaller maps in the game and only 32 players can leap off a battlefield. This implies that the match will not last as much as a PUBG Mobile game. All this means, that you get to play more games in a single day.

4. ARK: Survival EvolvedARK Survival Evolved

This is a different kind of battle royale game. It 80+ unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for players to capture and tame to survive. In this Jurassic-era world, the players are needed to form the tribes and work together to build colonies of the survivors.

5. Battle Royale 3D – Warrior63Battle Royale 3D - Warrior63

Just like PUBG and others battle royal games, the players get dropped and has to scavenge weapons and other items to fight. It includes a 4x4km map of land, sea and mountains and different terrains.

Special Mention: FortniteFortnite

While Fortnite is not available on either of the App Store due to some policy issues. So it is impossible to play fortnite on iOS as of now but on Android, you can sideload the game.

Fortnite is a game much like PUBG Mobile. It has four different modes to play: 100-player battle royale, Party Royale is just like cheer park of PUBG, Creative in which you build your own island and Save the World is survival game.

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