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PUBG Ban In India Permanent For Now: Indian Government

The Indian Government took the decision to ban PUBG amongst several other apps as a stance against China. But ever since the decision of PUBG Corp to cut its ties with Tencent, the operator of the game in India, there were rumors spreading that the ban may soon be revoked. But according to reports, the ministry is not looking to unban the highly popular multiplayer game in the country.

The decision to ban the game was taken back on 2nd September as according to the release from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), the banned apps were felt to have “emergent nature of threats” as their practices were termed “prejudicial” to sovereignty, defense and security of the country.

Their is no discussion with-in the ministry officially to revoke ban on any of the apps listed in the ban list. We will stay away from making any comment on any specific company or app. Ministry Source

What Does This Mean For PUBG?

This certainly makes life much difficult for the game as despite cutting ties with Tencent there seems to be no softening in the stance from the government. PUBG is not the only app banned so it was always difficult for it to be back unless the government completely changes its position on this subject.

What Next For PUBG Lovers?

Well if you are a regular PUBG player and loved the game then this is really bad news for you. But there are several PUBG alternatives in the market for you to consider if you haven’t already.


Moreover, an Indian developed PUBG alternative named FAU-G is also said to be in works and is set for a release very soon. The game is being developed by nCore Games and has also backed by and being mentored by the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Although there is no information yet regarding the launch of the game it is expected to be launched before the end of the year.

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