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Under-Display, Angled Pop-Up Camera, Color Changing Back: All The Latest Mobile Tech To Watch Out For!

The technology on mobile phones is constantly rapidly changing. There are constant changes in Display quality, curved display, Fast Charging, and even the latest wireless charging. But the latest trend is to minimize the interruption through the camera in the display and making the appearance of the phone more attractive by a vibrant color body (like in OnePlus 8).

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The camera changes started with the removal of thick bezels and an almost full-screen display with a camera notch. Then came the notch-less display with just a small camera hole at the top of the screen. It was followed by attempts to have a completely full-screen display by implementing a pop-up front camera sensor. Here are the latest camera technologies being tested by various brands across the world.

Under Display Camera!

Yes, you read it right. Under display camera sensor is a thing. After the under-display fingerprint sensor, we also have an under-display camera sensor as well. ZTE is the company that has not only developed a prototype but also unveiled World’s First Phone with an under-display camera in ZTE Axon 5G.

Mi Under Display Camera

As fascinating and complex this tech sounds it indeed is even more intricate. The phone makes use of high-transparency material for the display to balance the performance of the front camera along with the display. The material also uses new organic and inorganic films to improve the light input of the display area to the front camera.

ZTE also makes use of a special matrix that is claimed to optimize pixels and improve display consistency for a more natural transition. The front camera includes an algorithm to optimize the performance of the camera under different lighting conditions. Apart front this it also incorporates an automatic dynamic range adjustment to improve the photo clarity and image contrast.

Mi Under Display Camera

Not just ZTE, but also Mi is also working on this technology and reportedly have a working prototype in place which is claimed to launch early next year.

Angled Pop-Up Camera

A very common method incorporated by several companies for a bezel-less display is a pop-up camera. So far all the phones to have this technology had a straight panel housing the camera. But now Xiaomi has reportedly patented angled pop-up camera.

Side Pop Up Xiaomi

The leaked images from the patent show the phone having two very small panels having cameras on both sides. This is not only said to solve the problem of having a bezel or camera hole interrupting the front screen but also remove the (annoying and huge) camera bump on the back.

It seems interesting to see how soon this tech will be introduced into smartphones. It also is a mystery if there will be a phone launched using this tech as there is conclusive evidence of how this may help in improving the already present technologies.

Side Pop Up Xiaomi

Xiaomi has previously launched devices with pop-up camera sensors and this prototype makes uses of a very similar tech with minor changes so only time will tell if it does come into a smartphone or not.

Color Changing Back

What if there can be a phone whose back can change its color on its own? No need for buying fancy phone covers or a variety of covers to maybe match your outfit or mood anymore. Vivo is reportedly working in creating a Color Changing Back Panel for mobile phones.

Vivo has actually launched a teaser video on Weibo showing this tech. It isn’t clear from the video if the device shown is a working smartphone or just a prototype underworks. The back is said to be made of electrochromic glass which enables it to change the color. The camera section of the device was covered in the video which led to speculations that the phone is ready and soon may be available to customers.

In another video from a tipster, Digital Chat Station on Weibo not only showed another similar or maybe same color-changing smartphone but also didn’t have covered camera section hinting at the tech is to hit the markets sooner than expected.

Electrochromic glass is not a new tech at all as it has been used in the past in Windows, aircraft, curtain substitute in hotels, luxury cars, etc. But it is really interesting to see how it works out in the back of a mobile phone.

Before you get your hope too high, so far this tech is tested to provide just a few colors or rather just a few shades of a single color. Like in the case of the above video where the color of the device changes from Silvery White to Sapphire Blue and shades in between. But let’s just keep our fingers crossed for further improvements in this tech.

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