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14 Malicious Money Stealing Apps Still On Google Play Store

The Google Play store is home to over 2.8 million apps currently making it the biggest app library of any OS on the world. But not all these apps are safe. Google does a good job of removing any app it finds following unlawful practices and being a threat to the users. But there are 14 apps currently on Play Store which have been found to steal money and still exist on the Google Play Store.

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A digital security company called Sophos released this list of apps that are said to have a malicious program. These apps were termed as “fleeceware apps” as they come with such a program that tricks the users to subscribe to expensive in-app purchases such that the user doesn’t even know they have done so. The app fools the users by hiding the details of the purchases in terms and conditions of the service.

Google Malicious Apps

The report also stated several users have been tricked into purchasing these services unknowingly. Moreover, there are some apps that try to sign up the users for services that cost as much as $70 (Approx Rs. 5,157).

Which Are These Apps?

According to Sophos, they found a total of 20 apps following these practices, and upon submitting a report regarding the same to Google, the search engine giant quickly removed 6 of those apps.

But still, there are 14 apps from that list still on the Google Play Store. The apps are:

  • Compress Video (1 million+ downloads).
  • Dynamic Wallpaper (1 million+ downloads).
  • Gametris Wallpaper (1 million+ downloads)
  • MojiFont (1 million+ downloads).
  • Montage – Help you make cool videos. (100K+ downloads).
  • My Replica 2 (500K+ downloads).
  • Old Me- Simulate Old Face (1 million+ downloads).
  • Photo Converter (1 million+ downloads).
  • Prank Call: Fake celebrity call (50K+ downloads)
  • Recover deleted photos, Photo Backup (1 million+ downloads).
  • Search by Image: Image Search – Smart Search (1 million+ downloads).
  • Video Magician (1 million+ downloads).
  • Xsleep (100K+ downloads).
  • Zynoa Wallpaper (100K+ downloads).

It’s clearly evident from the list that most of these apps have high downloads on the Google Play store as well making them even more dangerous. 9 of these apps have over 1 million downloads.

If you come across any of these apps it is highly advised to avoid using and downloading them.

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