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178 Tbps Speed Recorded In London; Average Data Speeds In Countries Around The World

A team of researchers at the University College of London has recorded 178 Tbps (Terabits per second) speed which is the fastest ever recorded in the world. The team of researchers found a new way to modulate light before it is actually beamed on to the optical fibers to obtaining wider bandwidths which helped in obtaining this speed.

Just to get the perspective of the speed we are talking here about, 1 Tbps = 1,000 Gbps. And just recently when Jio introduced ‘GigaFiber’ in the country, this speed is 1,78,000 times faster than the fastest speed Jio can provide.

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Moreover, using this speed, in slightly less than 1 second, a user can download the complete content available on the streaming giant Netflix.

The American space research agency, NASA has a speed of 400 Gbps, making the recorded speed in London (178 Tbps) 445 times quicker than that at NASA.

The 178 Tbps recorded speed comes days after a team in Australia clocked a speed of 44 Tbps. The team of engineers from University College London (UCL), Xtera, and KDDI Research worked together to raise the Bandwidth to 16.8 THz for them to be able to access this speed.

While current state-of-the-art cloud data-centre interconnections are capable of transporting up to 35 terabits a second, we are working with new technologies that utilize more efficiently the existing infrastructure, making better use of optical fiber bandwidth and enabling a world record transmission rate of 178 terabits a second.

– Lidia Galdino, lead researcher on the study

Well, now we know how insanely fast this speed actually is. But what we actually have not just in India but even in other countries of the world is way less than this. Let’s have a look at the average internet speeds in various countries of the world.

Firstly let’s know the global average internet speed. The average mobile download speed in the world is 34.51 Mbps while the average fixed broadband speed in the world is 81.46 Mbps.

Global Average Speed
Data Source: (Ookla)

Now coming to the countries, in terms of mobile download internet speeds, The United Arab Emirates is the fastest in the world at 110.90 Mbps who are followed by South Korea just behind at 109.04 Mbps and then China at 105.11 Mbps being the only three countries at over 100 Mbps.

Qatar at number 4 followed by Saudi Arabia to complete the top 5. Coming to India’s position here, India lies way down at 127th position in this list having an average speed of just 12.08 Mbps which is almost a third of the global average.

Coming to average fixed broadband speeds in the world, Singapore comes 1st having an average speed of whooping 213.18 Mbps followed by Hong Kong at 202.60 Mbps being the only two countries to have speeds over 200 Mbps.

Thailand at #3 has average speed of 171.45 Mbps while South Korea comes fourth with 169.74 Mbps and then is Romania with 167.80 Mbps to complete the top 5. In terms of average broadband download speeds, India comes at 75th position with an average speed of 40.45 Mbps which is little less than half of the global average.

This data clearly shows India lags way behind the world when it comes to Internet speeds in the country. Although after the launch of Jio, things have improved substantially, there’s still a long way to go. Jio GigaFiber did start a new race in the country for providing Broadbands at a Giga Bytes speed. But so far it hasn’t reached the masses.

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