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Father Paid Daughter’s 4 Lakh Rupees Roblox In-App Purchase Bill

Unquestionably, Roblox is the most prominent gaming platform among teenagers and young kids. As you might know, Roblox can be used to both play and create games. Additionally, there are several in-app purchases in Roblox. Recently, the father of an 11-year old girl had to pay £4,672 (which roughly translates to Rs 3,88,560) to Roblox as her daughter unknowingly made several in-app purchases.

The daughter didn’t know anything about this matter and after understanding the entire situation she was quite upset. Initially, she thought that all the purchases were made using monopoly money instead of cash in his father’s debit card. So here’s everything you need to know about the aforementioned situation.

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Accidental £4,672 Roblox In-App Purchases

Similar to every other paid application on the Google Playstore, Roblox makes a good portion of its revenue through in-app purchases. On 16th April Steve’s daughter requested him to pay £4.99 (Rs, 420) on the Roblox game and he happily accepted her request. Initially, he thought that it was a one-time payment. The father stated that,

“My daughter told me all her friends were playing this game and she wanted to spend £4.99,” he further added, “She made that purchase using my debit card on 16 April and I thought nothing more of it.”

Steve Cumming
Steve Cumming

Soon after realizing that thousands of euros have been deducted from his account he instantly contacted HSBC to cancel the card. Unfortunately, it was too late and an additional amount of £1000 (Rs 83,976) was deducted via his Google Pay account. Steve later admitted that he didn’t go through the terms and conditions carefully.

Roblox Premium

Thankfully, after analyzing the case carefully Roblox has agreed to repay the entire amount to Steve and Roblox told BBC that,

“We strive to prevent unauthorized purchases, by taking measures such as not storing billing information, and work directly with parents to provide appropriate refunds whenever possible, which is the case in this instance,” 

The company further added that “We encourage parents to review their payment settings on third-party services, such as Google Play, as they typically have an option to require a password for each purchase made and/or to prevent any information from being saved in browser settings that could allow them to be reused.”

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