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This Wallpaper Can Crash Your Android Smartphone And Make It Unusable [FIXED]

In the past, we have come across certain letters or characters that can soft brick smartphones. As a matter of fact, even iPhones got affected by the aforementioned problem. Well, recently users have discovered a wallpaper that can completely crash Samsung, Google, and other Android smartphones.

So here’s everything you need to know about this cursed wallpaper.

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Wallpaper Crashing Android Smartphones

The wallpaper we are referring to in this article gained popularity after twitter user @UniverseIce shared the image and warned users not to apply it on there smartphones. In addition to Samsung and Google smartphones devices from other manufacturers like OnePlus, Nokia, and Xiaomi are also being affected by this wallpaper.

Once you set this image as either your home screen or lock screen wallpaper your phone will automatically start turning on and off. It is worth noting that, even rebooting your device won’t fix the issue.

Moreover, the issue is not universal as Android Authority tested the bug on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but luckily the device wasn’t affected at all. As of now, not much information is available as to why this bug is causing issues.

However, a 9to5Google contributor Dylan Roussel stated that this issue might be caused on smartphones that don’t support the color space which is being used by this wallpaper. According to him, this image is available in the RGB colorspace however most mainstream smartphones support SRGB colorspace.

How To Fix Crashing Android Smartphones?

Since the above-mentioned issue is not universal it will take some time to be officially addressed and fixed by smartphone makers. Presently, there are three different methods using which you can fix this issue.

Safe Mode

The first method is fairly difficult but if you can somehow manage to change the wallpaper of your smartphone between the on and off cycles then the issue will be fixed automatically.

The next way to fix this issue is by entering the safe mode on your smartphone to delete this wallpaper and finally replace it with something else.

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you then you can simply hard reset your device. Sadly, the last method will completely erase the data on your device.

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