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Remove These 38 Malware Apps From Your Smartphone Right Now: Google

Seeing unwanted ads or redirected to some unwanted websites; uninstall these apps right now

Recently, Google has removed 38 popular apps from the Play Store in which all of them were camera-centric apps. For new users, these malware apps won’t be available for download from the Play Store, but the 2 crore users who have already downloaded them need to make sure they uninstall the apps from their phones to avoid any security malfunctions.

According to the WhiteOps security researchers, the apps will flood users with unwanted ads and send them to sites without ever clicking on a link. It should also be noted that in some cases, the deletion of these apps once downloaded by users was almost “impossible”.

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So, in order to find and uninstall these apps — Open Settings, then head over to Apps and find these apps. If not found with the exact name, then try to find apps with package name or try to find apps with no name. As sometimes these apps don’t show any name, there is just white icon of that app.

Below is the list of all 49 malware camera apps along with package name and number of installs on play store:

App Name Package Installs
Yoroko Camera com.yoroko.powerful.artwork 100000
Solu Camera 500000
Lite Beauty Camera 1000000
Beauty Collage Lite 500000
Beauty & Filters Camera com.beautycamera.editor.collagefilters 1000000
Photo Collage & Beauty Camera 100000
Beauty Camera Selfie Filter org.nebeauty.camerafilter 500000
Gaty Beauty Camera 10000
Pand Selfie Beauty Camera 50000
Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera camera 1000000
Benbu Selfie Beauty Camera 1000000
Pinut Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 1000000
Mood Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera camera 500000
Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera com.photoeditor.selfie.beautycamera 1000000
Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 100000
Fog Selfie Beauty Camera 100000
First Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor 500000
Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera 100000
Sun Pro Beauty Camera 1000000
Funny Sweet Beauty Camera 500000
Little Bee Beauty Camera 1000000
Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro 1000000
Grass Beauty Camera 1000000
Ele Beauty Camera 1000000
Flower Beauty Camera 100000
Best Selfie Beauty Camera 1000000
Orange Camera com.orangecamera.project.candy 500000
Sunny Beauty Camera 1000000
Landy Selfie Beauty Camera 500000
Nut Selfie Camera 1000000
Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera 10000
Art Beauty Camera-2019 50000
Elegant Beauty Cam-2019 50000
Selfie Beauty Camera & Funny Filters 100000
Selfie Beauty Camera Pro 1000000
Pro Selfie Beauty Camera 500000
Unknown Unknown
Unknown com.beautyphotos.collage.camerafilters Unknown

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