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iOS 14 Features Leaked! Find Out All That’s New

Apple is all set to have a digital Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) 2020 later this month. It is a very sought after event for the iOS users as the latest iOS, iOS14 will be unveiled. Apart from various bug fixes and stability improvements, Apple will also bring in various features in its latest operating system. Like any other year, there have been several leaks of various features that will be brought through iOS 14. Let’s look at all the confirmed iOS 14 features known through the leaks before the official curtain-raiser.

Leaked Confirmed iOS 14 Features:

Stability and Reduction in Bugs

After a very buggy iOS 13, which Apple had to correct with an update soon after WWDC13, Apple has given added emphasis on having fewer bugs in iOS 14. Apple had to bring in as many as 11 releases for iOS users in order to address the various issues in iOS 13. But this time Apple has tried to launch a much more stable OS for the users. Apple is also reportedly been working on completely changing its OS development approach after the iOS 13 fiasco. Although, due to the Covid-19 pandemic around, the extent to which they have worked on iOS 14 remains a mystery which will only be known after the iOS 14 launch, and we can just hope for iOS 14 to be much more stable and bug-free.

All-New Fitness App

New Fitness App in iOS 14

Apple is all set to launch an all-new Fitness App for iPhone and Apple watch. The application is expected to be a central single repository for all health and fitness-related data. It will also guide the users for individually curated workouts just like Fitbit Coach. But, if the app will be available for free download or not is still unknown.

Change Default Apps

Option to change default apps iOS

The iOS users have long complained of being unable to change the default app for various functionalities to third-party options. Apple seems to have addressed this situation and given the users the option to change the default apps. For long, various apps have gained an unfair advantage by being default apps for various tasks on Apple devices. The users will be able to change the default browser from Safari to any of their choices. Similarly, they will also be able to change the default mail app, change the default music player for Siri, and many more.

Support for Widgets on Home Screen

Widgets for iOS

A feature that iOS users have long envied Android users off is the ability to use Widgets. Widgets for various third-party apps make them much more useful and easy to access. A leaked code for iOS 14 shows Apple working on the addition of widgets to the home screen. There isn’t any assistance on so as to if this feature will be able for iOS 14 itself or not, but it is something that can be expected by Apple in the coming iOS updates.

Option To Try App Without Downloading

After Google had successfully offered the option of trying apps through ‘Instant Apps’, the pressure was on Apple to give similar functionality for iOS users as well. And if leaks are to be believed the long wait for the iOS users is finally over with this feature to be bundled in iOS 14.

Smart and Customizable App Icons View

 List View for App Icons

Ever since the first iOS, Apple has allowed the users only one way to view all the apps. But now the company is set to have worked on to allow the users to have a list view for their installed apps. Apart from that, there is also expected to be a Siri Smart suggestion, according to which the list will automatically get updated according to the expected retirement of the user. For instance, when the user steps in the car, the suggestions may be the default navigation app or music app, when the user is in the gym the suggestions maybe the fitness app or music app, all this based on the user’s app usage history and pattern. Along with this, the users will also have the option to sort apps based on unread notifications, recently used, maximum usage, etc.

More Sources For Wallpapers

Currently, the default collections of wallpapers are the only available source of wallpapers for users from users. But iOS 14 is all set to bring integration of third-party apps to the default wallpaper app in the wallpaper settings to enhance the wallpaper catalog for the users.

New Improved Find My App

Apple had launched Find My App in iOS 13, and it is expected to further work on it in iOS 14. This app automatically alerted users whenever anyone didn’t arrive at a particular location at a scheduled time.

Apart from all these changes, Apple has also been said to be working extensively especially on Artificial Reality(AR) and fitness-related improvements. The company is expected to integrate AR further in order to make the user experience much more improved in not just iOS 14 but also in future OS’s. Apple is also said to be working on built-in translate feature for Safari, Full support for Apple Pencil on various websites, and also Apple-branded QR codes.

When it comes to the set of devices the update will be for, it is expected that all the devices that got iOS 13 updates will be eligible to get the iOS 14 version as well. It means, all the Apple devices from the original iPhone SE and iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone 11 series and 2020 iPhone SE are going to be supported by it.

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