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How To Become Jio Partner & Earn Commission from Any Recharges

If you are willing to have a secondary income and have strong connections, then you can become a Jio partner for the people who regularly recharge on their phone and start earning commission from all the recharges that you have made. Every mobile retailer who recharges earn commission, now commission is not that much if you just have 5-10 recharges a day, however, if you have mass then you will earn a good profit. So you recharge mobile of your friends and family members to earn money in return for doing so.

Jio has made some big improvements to his partner’s sign-up process and now it’s much simpler for everyone to become a Jio partner, you just need to download the app, enter your credentials and do it. Paperless sign-up process makes things much simpler and faster for someone who wants to make money. Because Jio has succeeded in attracting millions of users, you will have lots of people who want to recharge their phone and if they trust you, they will quickly pay you the sum and you will recharge your phone.

So now you have the basic knowledge of what we’re talking of, let’s check how exactly you can download the app and start using the Jio POS Lite application to make money.

Let us make one more thing clear right now, the commission that you’re going to get is 4 percent that’s available on money loading. So when you load Rs.1000 your account will have Rs.1040 so that it will add Rs.40 extra.

How to become a Jio Partner:

  1. Download and Install the app Jio POS Lite from the Play Store.
  2. You need to sign up using your email address and Jio Phone Number after you have installed the app, yes that relevant, you must have Jio Number with you.
  3. It will give you OTP, enter your OTP to verify your number, then enter all other information, such as Name and most important location from where you will be processing the recharge.
  4. After the successful signup process, you will receive registration messages.
  5. After that, sign in with your mobile number.
  6. You will be invited to build your M-PIN after sign-up so enter your new M-PIN twice for confirmation
  7. Done, you are successfully registered with Jio as a Partner.

So this is the simplest and easiest way to generate a profit using Jio Partner Program.  It’s as easy as downloading the app, registering and recharging phones to make money. So,  Gather some people and tell them about it so they can help you by getting recharged their phone via you.

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