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Google Fit Gets Dark Theme And Sleep Charts

Google Fit is one of the most trust-worthy fitness tracking application that offers detailed analytics for different fitness activities. Fortunately, Google has finally started understanding the benefits of the dark theme and now it’s being introduced to most of Google’s applications and services.

Well, this time around Google has added a dark theme for the Google Fit application. Additionally, sleep charts have also been added to this fitness application.

So here’s everything you need to know about the new features in Google Fit application.

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Google Fit Dark Theme And Sleep Charts Update

Dark Theme on the Google Fit application will help in reducing strain on users eyes. Furthermore, due to the increment, in contrast, various in-app information will now be more clearly visible. The next important advantage of the dark mode is that it will help save battery life on phones with OLED displays.

Google has also added the ability to track sleeping patterns. So as to track sleeps you need to connect either an app or a fitness band. The sleep pattern is displayed with purple bars that show you how many hours, and between which hours, you were sleeping. It is worth noting that, unlike high-end smartwatches, Google Fit can’t display specific details, such as deep and light sleep hours.

The last interesting feature that’s being added to this fitness application is the ability to map your workout route. Earlier, this feature was only available to Android users but now it’s being rolled out to iOS as well. Using this feature iPhone users will now be able to look at the route they took during their workout. This data will be based on different kinds of tracked workouts, such as walking, running, or biking using your Apple Watch, Wear OS watch, or other connected apps.

Overall Google Fit is a great health-related application and the new features will definitely impress fitness enthusiast.

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