5 Best Alternatives To Google Chrome [2019]

The first word that probably strikes our mind when we talk about web-browsers is Google Chrome. This popular web-browser is used by millions of users across the globe and it supports a plethora of extensions. Additionally, a majority of Google’s apps and services are very well optimized for Google Chrome.

That said, Google Chrome is a not a perfect browser for everyone and if you were scouting for some of the best Google Chrome alternatives then this article might help you. So these are the five best alternatives to Google Chrome.

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1. Mozilla Firefox

The first best alternative to Chrome is the good old Mozilla Firefox web-browser. Well, if you concerned about privacy and don’t want Google to track your online activity then Firefox might impress you.

Unlike Chrome, Firefox requires fewer system resources for its proper functioning. Consequently, the browser feels much faster and responsive. In addition to privacy and performance, Firefox outperforms Google Chrome in multiple aspects.

You can also customize the appearance of Firefox using themes and toolbar. Lastly, you can easily find all of your favourite extensions on Firefox.

2. Opera

Opera is another great alternative to Chrome. Similar to Firefox, Opera works perfectly fine even on low-powered computers. Furthermore, the browser works perfectly fine even on low-speed internet connections. Opera has an extensive collection of built-in features that take your browsing experience to a new horizon.

For instance, the Speed Dial feature makes accessing your favourite websites fairly simple while the built-in adblocker does exactly as its name suggests. Additionally, the Turbo Mode in Opera compresses the webpage which in turn significantly increases the loading speeds.

Overall, Opera is a great web-browser and it simply gets the job done.

3. Safari

If you are very well invested in the Apple ecosystem then Safari should be your browser of choice. Safari functions flawlessly on Apple hardware and it even syncs all of your data like passwords, history, and bookmarks across all of your Apple devices.

Since Safari is very well optimized for Apple hardware it offers exceptionally great battery life on MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. Safari also outperforms Chrome when it comes to privacy and all of your online activity is very well encrypted.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is not half bad as it’s claimed to be. This under-rated web-browser was introduced with Windows 10 and it’s by far the most reliable web-browser. Close integration with Windows and other Windows services like Cortana help Microsoft Edge to stand out from the crowd.

Microsoft Edge also doubles up a feature-rich PDF viewer. Similar to Safari, Microsoft Edge is more power efficient as compared to Chrome. Unlike other browsers, Microsoft Edge also offers a news feed on its homepage which can be hidden if a user wants to do so.

As for downsides, Microsoft Edge supports a limited number of extensions which might create issues for some users.

5. Tor Browser

If privacy is your primary requirement when it comes to web-browsers, then look no further than Tor Browser. This secure web-browser safeguards you against any sort of online tracking.

Tor also ensures that even the websites you visit can’t track your location. Well, Tor hides your public IP address to safeguard you against online tracking. Furthermore, Tor can also be used to access the websites that are blocked in your country or region. Lastly, Tor sports a simple and easy to navigate UI.

Overall, Tor is a great alternative to chrome if you are looking for something a little more secure.

So these were some of the best alternatives to chrome that are worth checking out. Do share your favourite chrome alternatives in the comments section below.

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