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Samsung Patents A Stacked Triple-Screen Phone Design

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone OEM’s. In addition to developing regular smartphones, this South-Korean tech giant spends a great amount of time and resources in developing new concepts and designs for future smartphones.

Well, this time around Samsung has patented a weird triple-screen phone design. Every single screen in this triple-screen phone seems to be stacked over one another and attached together at the bottom. So here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s triple-screen phone design.

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Samsung’s Triple-Screen Phone Design

Many different smartphone manufacturers have showcased their foldable smartphones. That said, Samsung is the first company that will make foldable smartphones mainstream with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s vision for the future of smartphones might seem a bit weird today but it may become a reality in the upcoming years.

The patent for the three-screen smartphone was filled by Samsung last year in August and it got approved in March earlier this year.

As you can see in the images this triple-screen phone is very thin and all there’s a central button that might come in handy while navigating through the UI of this smartphone. A small metal rod holds the three screens of this smartphone together. It is worth noting that, this smartphone has no physical buttons and there’s no camera module as well. This patent application was first spotted by Let’s Go Digital.

Future Smartphones

For more than a decade, the design ergonomics of smartphones have been somewhat similar. A typical smartphone has a display and a back with the camera module. Well, the upcoming trend of foldable smartphones will definitely take over this traditional design in the upcoming years.

Samsung has rectified the issues with the first generation Galaxy Fold smartphone and the upcoming successors to this smartphone will be much better.

The triple-screen phone that you just read about is still in the early stages. Furthermore, there’s no confirmation from Samsung as to whether or not this smartphone will ever reach the production stage. Overall, it’s a great concept and could become a reality in the upcoming years.

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